Dan Bacon - Make her love your life
Dan Bacon – Make Her Love Your Life
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Dan Bacon – Make Her Love Your Life



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About How to Make her Love You For Life

“Make Her Feel Loved You For Life is a nine-hour video program , which is available in audio.

If you listen or watch to the show you will be taught how to make women appreciate you, cherish you and be sexually attracted to you when you are in the course of a relationship.

For the majority of men who are out there, they fall into an intimate relationship with women and it’s great in the beginning and then she alters.

For instance:

  • She stops being interested in having sex or refuses the sex.
  • She ceases to show affection.
  • She does not respect her like she did previously.
  • She is not in love with him.
  • She ceases to make progress on her relationship and quits, even she’s treated well by him and trying to get things going.
  • She becomes attracted by other men and he then becomes unsecure and angry. He may also be jealous, angry or even controlling.
  • She isn’t putting in the effort to keep her spark going.
  • She wants him to follow her every wish and, if he does not give her the silence and throws a temper tantrum or ceases to be loving.
  • She hopes for romance from him but she doesn’t offer anything or much to her in return.
  • She causes unneeded stress and causes problems in relationships by being unhappy, moody or obstinate.
  • She displays more respect and love to her colleagues, friends and her family as she shows for her husband.
  • She is spending increasing amounts of time with him (e.g. with her friends or with her family and focusing on her work or other pursuits) and is often frustrated or angry when the subject comes up.
  • She shifts from thinking of him as the only one, to treat him as a household member or even a person whom she’s just with until something more exciting happens.
  • She slowly becomes a completely different person and ceases to treat her as she did previously.
  • She isn’t a fan of the instructions he gives her to do. She often does the exact opposite in order to get him annoyed or annoy him.
  • She hopes that he will change some aspects about himself and doesn’t believe she has to alter much or even anything about her.
  • She doesn’t appreciate all the wonderful things she does for him.
  • She doesn’t attempt to convince him that he’s special and does not care whether he complains.









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