Dan Edmund – Ecommerce Mastery Course 2.0 d
Dan Edmund – Ecommerce Mastery Course 2.0
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Dan Edmund – Ecommerce Mastery Course 2.0



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You’ll discover how to make the most of your time so you can concentrate more on growing your business. If you don’t make adjustments, nothing will alter in your life. The proper mindset is among the first requirements for a successful website. This entails doing more than just creating a website and driving traffic to it. You can genuinely begin to comprehend how your customer thinks by altering your thinking. Sales soar once you begin to think like your customers.







Choosing Your Successful Product



We discuss where to source things and how to price them in this module. This session also covers tried-and-true strategies for ensuring that your product has a market and that people genuinely want what you’re selling. It also discusses how to strategically design your offer to boost your ROI and outperform your rivals, including Amazon.







Greetings from The Machine



Here, we’ll go over the procedures for setting up your domain name or business name, email setup, producing photos and logos, and choosing the building tools.







Developing It



We show you step-by-step how to create your online store. This simple, step-by-step procedure walks beginners through setting up your eCommerce platform, automating processes, and using other backend technologies. The majority of this module is me showing you my screen while I create a completely new website from scratch. By the time you finish this module, you should have a LIVE website!







Developing Your Offer



The methods covered in this lesson will help you raise the average order value for each customer. This entails creating a sales funnel with an alluring offer (where the customer would be crazy to say no). After the offer has been developed, we concentrate on boosting lifetime value through order bumps, one-time incentives, and subscriptions. How to outperform your rivals, including Amazon, is covered in this module as well.







Email Promotion



If handled properly, email may be one of your company’s most valuable assets. In this module, we’ll teach you how to ACTUALLY put a great email strategy into practice, complete with copy-and-paste full automation templates.










It’s time to increase website visitors. We plan out all the various social media campaigns to run, including Facebook, Instagram (TikTok will be available shortly), Google, email, and more.










The nicest aspect about automations is that they operate 24/7 automatically after they are set up, easily contributing up to 25% or more of your store’s earnings.







SMS Advertising



With one of the highest open rates and the potential to generate significant income, SMS marketing is undoubtedly effective.







Modern Traffic



We show you how to use popular sites like Google, Facebook, TikTok (coming soon), etc. to advertise even more widely. As soon as we validate a strategy using our own e-commerce stores, we constantly add new places to promote in.







Operations and Scaling



We discuss how to run and expand your company, including internal operations, shipping, and more. You succeeded; now take a victory lap!






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