Dan Englander - The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0
Dan Englander – The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0
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Dan Englander – The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0



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What you receive:


The precise procedure we employ to acquire 5–20 new encounters with quality prospects each week for our clients.


What’s New in Version 2.0:


Resource Checklist One-Sheet, so you can establish the proper procedures from the outset.

Bonus Module: Relationship Sales Implementation at Scale.

Videos have been re-edited to improve the user experience.

instructor’s fresh introduction

Course Content:




Perspective and Background

Checklist of Resources

Copy Ideas Database

1. IDEAS: The Proper Base for Predictable Revenue


The Five Commandments of Prospecting

How to Delegate Effectively to Gain the Most Impact

Laser Pointer vs. Flashlight

Workshop for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Action Points

introductory slides

2. COPY: Business Conversation Risk Reduction Techniques


How to Make the Most of Context.

The One Easy Task…

Six Rules for Writing Outreach Copy that Works

Items for Action: Create Your Outreach Template

Section 2 Slides

3. SYSTEMS: Create a Lead Generation System for Your Business


Tools and Automation in the Lead Generation Universe

Interaction Between Inbound and Outbound

Building Your Outbound Engine: Data Enrichment and Campaign Launching

Samples of Outreach Cadence

The Path of Long-Term Growth

Q&A and Action Items

Chapter 3 Slides

4. Optimization: An Analysis of Closed Business


Case Study Intro: Benchmarks and Metrics

Campaign Diagnosis: Interpreting Reactions

Meetings and Closed Business Is The Popular Campaign Dynamic

Action Points

Slides in Section 4

At-Scale Relationship-Driven New Business Added Section


Relationship-Driven Prospecting: An Introduction

Making use of the Historic Client Commonality.

Geographies, alumni connections, and Lego blocks.

Hopscotch and indirect connectors are two approaches.



The Influence of Current Audiences

How to Get Dozens of Placements Using Targeted Outreach

Q&A on Thought Leadership

Chapter 5 Slides

BONUS Resources

Webinar: How to Promote Agency Services amid Uncertain Economic Conditions

Relationship-Driven New Business at Scale Webinar.




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