Dan Koe - The 2 Hour Writer
Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer
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Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer



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No one aspires to become a commodity.


Are you indispensable?


Within the next ten years, 62% of labor jobs will be eliminated.

This includes positions requiring a high level of ability.

Although we are currently witnessing it, this is nothing new.

Since quite some time, everything has been pointing toward independent creative labor.


“Delegate, automate, or leave the work if it doesn’t demand innovation.” — Naval


But let’s see if you should keep reading before I squander any more of your time with my apocalyptic predictions.

You are free to quit the website if you do not identify with any of the following bullets:


Despite having a variety of interests, you lack the skills to draw others to your work (for work to be valuable, it needs people that deem it valuable.)


You already run a one-person firm, but you’re not sure how well your newsletters, social media posts, or other material is done.


Although you already write online, you lack a systematic method for producing material that stands out (without templates or copying others).


You want to study a skill that you can sell on its own or that will improve the value of every other in-demand expertise but haven’t even begun learning one.


You want to lay a foundation to change the fact that you are making money using your time rather than your thinking.


You’ve tried to put the adage “learn a skill, sell the skill” into practice but haven’t had much luck (perhaps because you lack attention, influence, or an audience).


You are sick and weary of spending time studying skills that will serve no purpose and that you won’t use for more than ten years.


I could go on, but by this point you should be able to decide whether or not it is worthwhile for you to learn to write better, faster, and more creatively.




Without this, all other abilities are useless.


Furthermore, opportunities are greater than ever.



Hey, I’m Dan


I help solopreneurs build their brands.

When they want to do more of what they enjoy, automate the rest, and establish a leverageable following in order to make the most of their free time, creators, influencers, and consultants turn to me.


I began my career like everyone else.

With skills like Facebook advertisements, email marketing, site design, digital art, dropshipping, eCommerce, SEO, and nearly every other skill you could think of, I had no idea what I was doing.

But I did learn three things from those mistakes:


1) All effective communication starts with writing.


Here, I mean monetizable when I say “valuable.”

I took my freelance web design business (of all things) to six figures once I learnt how to write.

It’s crucial to know how to express your value.

Consider the fact that writing should be your only other option if you don’t want to learn how to code.

Media makes up the internet’s front end.

The cornerstone of media is writing.

What about writing?

What about writing?

Write newsletters.

Writing blog posts.

videos on YouTube? Written scripts work well for this.

TikTok videos and Instagram reels? reading well-written tweets, for example.

Instagram images? typically created from a wise statement or saying.

Any platform that has captions? Writing that garners the most engagement and sales (the material itself doesn’t).

What additional online marketing, promotion, or entertainment options exist? begins with writing.

The list continues.

There’s a reason why I, my clients, and my friends receive more interaction, followers, and sales than people who constantly flaunt their booties and six packs:

powerful digital writing.


2) Job seekers, candidates, and prospective clients can be found online.


By this point, it should be very obvious that the world is moving toward digital commerce and employment.

Employers are fed up with sorting through subpar resumes.

Instead, they are contacting those who are showcasing their worth through their “Public Resume” (online writing).

As an illustration, here is one of my previous students. He would not have received the design position if he hadn’t tweeted:



In other words, when you write about what you love, opportunities come your way.

Of course, I’m simplifying here, but it’s the reality for many who are expanding their following despite having minimal writing expertise.

The internet serves as an interest magnet (just consider the bloggers you follow—could you provide content similar to theirs? Look around by going. I’ll wager you can.


3) The creatives will rule the future.


I don’t mean a creative ability like design when I say someone is creative. The boundaries of a skill.

As others can be trained to perform labor, I’m referring to the reverse of labor.

Your true interests and personality intersect to produce creativity.

Based on your particular experiences, your approach to problem-solving will be different from that of the person next to you.

You shouldn’t experience any difficulties in the developing digital economy if you can develop your innovative problem-solving abilities.

Take a look at the following Tweet you read if you are just starting to write.

What purpose do they have for their writing?

solving issues with knowledge, practical suggestions, and original viewpoints.

How do you make time to explore your true interests?

by instructing and motivating others through internet writing.

How do you develop into your true self?

via insight and self-awareness.

How do you become more aware of and comprehend yourself?


A.K.A. writing

In a public publication (the internet).

Every path leads to writing.

I would learn to write before anything else if I could go back in time and make one difference.




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