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Get Now Dan Smith – Ecommerce Mentorship & Blueprint. Cheap…



The business model is ridiculously simple, not always simple but always simple! Dropshipping is the secret that my college students and I employ to achieve the incredible results you’re seeing!

I’ll keep it as basic as possible:


1. Identify your lucrative product

2. Negotiate a lower price with your provider.

3. Design your website

4. Create simple and effective social media advertisements.

5. Customers visit your store and BUY at the price you specify.

6. You secure your income first (So no threat).

7. The product is delivered to the customer by the provider. (Therefore, no stock)

8. Repeat the process!!

This is exactly how I make money, and it’s the same method I teach my students. The most successful aspect of this concept is that there is almost no threat. We don’t have to keep stock, and we can lock in income before paying goods prices!


Don’t get carried away with the minor details! As your Mentor, I’ll be available to guide you through the entire process.




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