Dane McBeth – Publisher Supremacy
Dane McBeth – Publisher Supremacy
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Dane McBeth – Publisher Supremacy



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Ever since I first discovered the Amazon Author Method and the opportunities it holds, I’ve been hooked – one might say addicted Not only addicted to the amount of money I could make with it, but the amazing feeling of fulfillment that comes with being able to positively impact people’s lives through the books I create and sell.

Fast forward to now and I’ve managed to figure out a way to create recurring, monthly income via publishing books online that allows me to work from anywhere in the world, whenever I want, however I want.

After sharing my success online, eventually people were curious what it was that I was doing. So, with the production assistance of Cal Rustad, I sought out to create a step by step, paint by numbers program to help entreprenuers learn the ropes of self-publishing and begin generating income online.

Publisher Supremacy was born.



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