Dave Kaminski - Steal My Secrets 4
Dave Kaminski – Steal My Secrets 4
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Dave Kaminski – Steal My Secrets 4



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101 Time and Money Saving Strategies

& Techniques for Solving Issues


& Resources For Online Businesses


That You Had No Idea Were There…


what you receive


It functions as a Rolex of Solutions to


To the issues with your online business


In fact, any one of the techniques I reveal might prevent you from wasting weeks of time, increase your traffic by thousands, or increase your revenues by thousands. And I’m providing you with a digital chest chock-full of these insights. They number 101!

A cursory look at a handful of them is provided below:


You’ve never heard of the greatest video lighting.


Because the light makes you appear so incredibly wonderful, it is inexpensive, portable, and used by professionals.

Where to find eye-catching, professional animations for your website that appear to have cost a fortune…for free!

Forget about Camtasia, Screenflow, Apple, Adobe, and others…

Here’s how you may easily produce and modify videos entirely online.

The quickest and simplest online selling method. Period. This is for you if technology scares you!

Digital education is so 2019…

Here’s how to use a live, interactive classroom to offer your expertise to people all around the world!

The quickest and simplest way to create beautiful landing pages in a few of minutes (and no, it has nothing to do with WordPress)

You’re looking for a ridiculously cheap email service provider with excellent delivery rates that isn’t MailChimp or AWeber.

Try this unheard-of one, please…


Additionally, how to turn your online courses


a search engine!


Although videos cannot be searched, video training is a terrific idea. Therefore, you (or your clients) will be in trouble if you (or they) don’t take notes as you (or they) watch a video course. Hours of footage will need to be combed through in order to uncover the one thing you can’t recall.

That issue has now been resolved. I’ll demonstrate how to make your online courses into a search engine where consumers can input any query and be directed to the precise place in your videos where the solution is found.

Even better, you may charge more for your courses by including this search option in your training. Here are some additional tips, tricks, and resources you’ll find in Steal My Secrets 4:


The free online calendar for organizing meetings for your company


you shouldn’t pay Calendly, Acuity, or anyone else…


Use this instead; it’s as effective, fully private, and completely free!

Screencasting, transcription, audiograms, podcasting, video editing, and more

all in one instrument!





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