Dave Kaminski – Zoom Profits
Dave Kaminski – Zoom Profits
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Dave Kaminski – Zoom Profits



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How to Zoom Like a Professional


When customers opt to pay for an Zoom session, they are expecting to have a professional experience…good visuals, high quality audio, and a smooth experience.

That’s precisely that I’ll show you in this part of the course.

We’ll take a deep dive into the most efficient settings, advanced techniques and best practices to provide your customers and customers the experience they’re paying for.

I’ll also go over the entire range of tech…cameras audio, cameras and more…showing you the options available which ones to stay clear of and the best equipment to use for optimal results various scenarios.

The main pointis after you’ve completed this section, you’ll become a professional in Zoom Your meetings are going to appear and sound 1000 times better.


How to sell Zoom Meetings


The process of running a no-cost Zoom meeting isn’t that difficult. Click a link, and you’re participating in the meeting.

However, running pay Zoom sessions is completely different species. You must pay the cash upfront and ensure that you have proper link, and provide recordings of the meeting and much more. If you attempt to do this by hand you’re likely to be in for an immense nightmare.

In this portion of my training I’ll demonstrate how you can automate the process all…where technology handles everything for you…so organizing paid Zoom meetings can be as easy and easy as free meeting.

Additionally, I’ll show you some the latest technology that can make this process even simpler.

The main point is that when you’re finished in this area, the rest of the technical complexities required in the paid Zoom meeting will become a piece cake.


How to Market Zoom Meetings


What’s the ideal length for the cost of a Zoom meeting? Should you provide different lengths of meetings? If you’re offering an open class Is there a specific seating limit that is most effective?

In this portion of the class I’ll answer the questions you have and more. Since as much as people want one-on-one meetings as well as live group classes there are certain types of formats that will not sell.

But wait…how do inform people that they can sign up for paid Zoom meetings to begin with? What’s the most effective way to convince them to sign up? How do you set the most affordable cost? How can you distinguish yourself from competitors?

I’ll be able to answer all of your questions and more to put you in a position to sell the highest number of meetings , and to make the most profits.

The main point is that once you’ve finished with this part of training you’ll be able to make use of pay-per-view Zoom meetings to generate income by requesting.




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