DeAngelo - CPA Lvl 2 Course
DeAngelo – CPA Lvl 2 Course
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DeAngelo – CPA Lvl 2 Course



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Things You Need For This Course:  Ad Budget Minimum: $500- $1,000

Tracking Software: Ex CPV Labs Skype: 1 On 1 Help With Me Team DeAngelo CPA Network Account Proper Mindset

Course Curriculum

  • Intro CPA L2
  • Chrome Addons
  • Signing up to Network
  • Billing For Network
  • Which Tracking Software I Recommend
  • Tracking Conversions Manually
  • What Are Tokens?
  • Why You Need To Track
  • Do You Need AutoSpying Tools
  • Should You Jump Right into DFY Campaigns
  • Missing Something

I Will Take That

  • All Devices
  • How To Find Pages
  • Is The Site Worth Taking?
  • Stealing Landing Page


  • How To Download FileZilla
  • Uploading Site To Domain
  • Is Your Landing Page Live?

Black Hat

  • How To Get A Cloaker
  • How To Use Cloaker
  • Stealing An Entire Campaign


  • Targeting Like A God
  • Reading Your Data Example

Black Hat Campaigns

  • Biz Opp Offers On Facebook
  • Running Trial Offers On FB

$45,000 In 2 Months

  • Picking Out Offers
  • Landing Pages
  • Setting Up Facebook Ads
  • No Bad Comments
  • Adding Trials To The Page

What Are They Doing?

  • Make Money Off Fake Facebook Accounts

Make Money Off College Kids

  • College Kids PT1
  • College Kids PT2
  • 3 Reason Why Snapchat Ads Are Better Than Facebook Ads
  • How To Setup Snapchat Ad Account
  • Setup Billing For SC
  • Setting Up SC Ad
  • Creating Your SC Ad Yourself
  • Pro SC Ads

Unlimited Cards

  • Unlimited Cards For FB Ads
  • Be Prepared
  • Juicy Ads Review
  • Should You Start Your Own Tube Site
  • Adult Traffic Sources
  • Getting Approved For Traffic Factory
  • Sales Vs Leads

Native Ads

  • Native Ads Traffic Sources
  • Signup To Taboola
  • Adding Payment To Taboola

DFY Campaigns

  • Plug And Go
  • Where To Get Landing Pages
  • Uploading Your Edited Html
  • Target The Figures
  • The Objective
  • Writing Ad
  • Compliance Pages For FB
  • CL Research
  • CL Tracking
  • Setting Up CPV Labs For Amazon
  • CL Landing Page
  • CL My Ads
  • How I Make 10K A Month
  • Unlimited Craigslist Post
  • Setting Up One Dollar Page
  • Change Links On PHP Landing Pages
  • $1 Dollar Into $20-$100


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