Dennis Yu (BlitzMetrics) - Facebook for a Dollar a Day d
Dennis Yu (BlitzMetrics) – Facebook for a Dollar a Day
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Dennis Yu (BlitzMetrics) – Facebook for a Dollar a Day



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Do you want to run advertising safely and effectively while making a profit? Continue reading.

Many people attempt to manipulate Facebook’s algorithm.


And they accomplish this by using a variety of clever techniques, such as super micro-targeting.


But since the algorithm can optimize better than anyone, they are merely gambling with their money.


So having a sound plan that makes full advantage of the algorithm’s strength is the greatest way to achieve amazing outcomes.


If you can’t defeat them, join them, as the saying goes.


Moving from tactics to strategy now necessitates having a thorough understanding of your company’s goals, content, and target audience.


Although the targeting aspect is extremely important, it is the final piece of the jigsaw and will be handled almost exclusively by the algorithm.


You need to feed the algorithm goals and content. So you’ll succeed in advertising if you get that correctly.


What you wish to achieve is the aim. It may increase awareness, encourage participation, or result in conversions.


Although this is nothing new, few individuals are aware of how to pursue these objectives in a way that works for Facebook.


Not merely driving the sale is important. It involves building a relationship with the target audience.


maintaining a strategy-based dialogue with them on a regular basis to establish authority and foster confidence. If this is done properly, the sales will come easily.


And material is used to accomplish this.


There are various content types, and each type has a purpose. Contrary to popular belief, meaningful content can be produced without a professional team of professionals.


Anyone who has the desire and the time to achieve this can, in fact.


Goals, Content, and Targeting.


You must proceed in that manner. It’s a marketing strategy with little risk and big profits.


In the Facebook for a Dollar a Day course, I go into great length about it.


The best aspect is that you may start using it right away without needing to be an expert Facebook user.


In fact, even someone with almost no prior computer skills can complete the task.


It’s so simple because we’re using boosting, which my team and I like to refer to as the “easy button” for digital marketers.


There is no distinction between being a musician, a non-profit, a Fortune 500 company, or a tiny business.


One of your arsenal’s most effective advertising tactics will be the Dollar A Day Strategy.


You may focus on other important areas of your business, or even better—your family and friends—by making it quick and uncomplicated.


Although it might seem too wonderful to be true, our students have repeatedly demonstrated that it is effective.


Additionally, it applies to any sector and any location.


Why Only $1 Per Day?

You don’t intend to speak to everyone. Quality prevails over quantity. Targeting your audience as precisely as you can requires thought.


How do they get a job? Who lives there? Which type of vehicle do they drive? What programs do they watch on TV? Which business conferences do they go to?


Need some PR assistance but aren’t able to pay a $10,000 per month New York PR agency? Let Facebook do the work by placing advertisements that specifically target journalists who work for publications like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forrester, VentureBeat, Mashable, or anyone.


By using B2B, you can get in touch with influential people in your sector and present them with a proposition.


If you’re a large brand trying to expand, you can use software to replicate this approach to simultaneously reach millions of consumers.




As I mentioned before, you can modify it to suit your needs.


And it all starts with $1 because, if your targeting is sound, that’s all you need to do to shift the needle in the correct direction.


That’s not all, though. A PDF guide that delves deeper into each course section is also included.


You’ll learn:


Run adverts when, where, and how


What are the four stages of post-boosting?


Keeping metrics straight


What is targeting? How does it work?


How to improve your advertising


How to apply the $1 a day method to websites like LinkedIn and Twitter





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