Diana Ratliff – Google News Sites 4 Profit
Diana Ratliff – Google News Sites 4 Profit
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Diana Ratliff – Google News Sites 4 Profit



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  • “If you are looking to jump on the Google News profit train, then this training is for you! Diana knows what works and what doesn’t. This will save you a ton of time and headaches.

    These sites can be monetized different ways so don’t hesitate to get started NOW.

    Honestly, this is a gold rush that Google has made available. Free traffic on demand from a Google News site in your niche. Near-instant indexing and SERP results. And Diana makes it super simple.” – Marcus Cudd

    Google News Sites 4:Profit
  • Building sites that Google TRUSTS
    can pay huge dividends for your business.

    Learn how to Build – and Monetize! – a Google News Website

    In this NEW course, you’ll Learn:

    • What Google News Sites are
    • How to make money from them, including the fastest way I know to turn a $9 domain into $150
    • What Google looks for to approve your website
    • How to use different site-building tools for Google News, such as WordPress (including YTE) and YIVE Sites
    • How to submit your site to Google Publisher Center
    • What to do if your publication is rejected
    • What to do AFTER your site is approved
    • Ideas and strategies to help you make money with your new site(s)




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