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You’ve probably heard the phrase “You’re Only One Product Away” if you’ve worked in e-commerce for any length of time.

It’s the catchphrase of the E-com info-industry, which is frequently recited by many trainers, coaches, and “consultants.”


But I do have a surprise for you.


Read on if you’re a marketer or store owner working in e-commerce who is currently having trouble growing your business to six figures or beyond.


You should pay close attention to this page because…


E-commerce is currently the easiest and most lucrative game available.

The majority of the information you’re receiving is flat-out incorrect.

I’ll clarify.


The majority of E-com’ers are frequently inundated with the newest and best apps or traffic channels.


Everywhere you look, someone is telling you to use…


The term “influencer marketing”

Tikitok Videos

‘Video applications’

“The most recent review app,”

The term “affiliate marketers”

Instagram adverts


… and the list keeps going.


The truth is that if you are juggling all of these responsibilities at once, you probably feel rather stretched thin.


This is not only annoying, but it is also ineffective and frequently results in more stress, confusion, and discouragement than it does sales.


It’s not surprising that 95% of Shopify stores fail, according to recent statistics, right?




And this is happening at a time when you and the other 95% ought to be on the ascent.


Check this this…





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