Donald Spann - Call Center Cash
Donald Spann – Call Center Cash
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Donald Spann – Call Center Cash



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There are various steps in each module, and there are several videos within each phase.

First Module: Step


What Your Call Center Will Be


Create your unique value proposition (UVP) and define your call center to set yourself apart.


Unit 1: Step 2


It’s math


Know the figures involved in launching your call center and how your company will operate at the $1000, $10,000, or $100,000 per month level.


Module 2: First Step


Company Formation


Secure your domain, erect a support structure for your organization, and incorporate.


Unit 2: Step 2


Call Center Applications


An easy “crash course” in call center technology for beginners, including information on call center software setup and important metrics.


Unit 2: Step 3


Tools for Your Business


All the technology required to track leads, onboard clients, and automatically bill them each month.


Phase 3


Construction of Your Receptionist Team


An full module devoted to the receptionist, who plays the most significant job in your company.


Module 4: First Step


Early-Stage Marketing


To start off strong on launch day, plan your launch schedule, create your list, and nurture your prospects using my precise email launch sequence.


Unit 4: Step 2


Following-Up Marketing


How to onboard your first clients, a crash lesson in sales, and tested methods for generating online traffic!


Sincerely, there are NO OTHER call center training like this one available (much alone Virtual Receptionist courses).




Nothing even approaches.


I spent five years learning by doing and virtually constantly making mistakes. I started THE COURSE I WISH I HAD WHEN I START! I had NO ONE to help me in my field, no one to mentor me in call centers!


I also went OVERBOARD with incentives since I wanted this course to offer the finest value possible.


Bonus #1


The Official Mega Revenue/Profit Calculator for Remote Call Centers



Putting numbers on your goals can help you envision and plan using this fantastic spreadsheet tool. You can find out how many agents you need, as well as your revenues, earnings, costs, and more, by simply plugging in a few details.


These figures are based on actual data collected from thousands of clients and millions of dollars in sales.


Bonus #2


The PDF of the “IQYDKYNTGOWYPSV” Checklist



No matter what service you choose, the “Important Questions You Didn’t Know You Needed To Go Over With Your Phone System Vendor” PDF will guide you through the setup procedure.


I lost out on an additional $100,000 in earnings since I didn’t have the answers to these questions at the beginning.


Bonus #3


Increasing Conversions on Your Website



An “inside look” at the psychology and factors that drive the revenue conversion of call center websites that generate seven to eight figures.


See my study of the things our competitors do well and pick my brain as I explain why I created my site a certain manner.


Bonus #4


The Swipe Files: A PDF Series That Is Always Growing



The Swipe Files consist of:


The precise formats we employ for our monthly billing PDFs and welcome emails to new clients

The unspoken “call grading criteria” we employ to make sure that receptionists are telephone rock stars

PDFs of our succinct, engaging, and highly successful pre-launch email series, which brought in $22,000 in clients on Day 1.

additionally, a very unique Blockbuster Bonus





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