Dr. Price Pritchett - You2 Master Class
Dr. Price Pritchett – You2 Master Class
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Dr. Price Pritchett – You2 Master Class



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Take performance leaps of faith
You are capable of making a quantum leap to you2. right now. You may significantly improve your performance, increase your efficacy, and rocket to a much higher orbit of success. But you must comprehend this key idea: The guidelines for breakthrough are unique! Dr. Price Pritchett, one of the world’s leading authorities on fast-growth strategies and breakthrough performance, teaches the 4-step Quantum Leap Strategy. You’ll discover: How to steer clear of the typical errors most individuals make while selecting their goals How to create a quick-thinking, imaginative strategy to achieve your quantum leap How important are your first moves? Why self-coaching is the most crucial task you do How to use your Big Mind’s powerful abilities and the Unseen Forces to your advantage Why putting yourself through discomfort will make you feel better How to overcome personal aversion to change and doubts Important actions that can increase your chances of success Along with a lot more.

You may use the piercing insights from the 16 expertly designed videos in the you2 Master Class right away to plan and launch your quantum leap.

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