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Begin with a strategy.

Do customers try to impose their ideas on you?


Stop spending time waiting for your customers to “understand it.”

Make more money and charge for your thoughts.

Avoid later modifications by engaging the client and nailing it the first time.


Gain prestige and be acknowledged as a true expert by your clients.

Stop feeling bad about not being able to sell the concept.

You may relax knowing you’re working with a tried-and-true framework.


Become a strategic thinker.

Master the strategy game

Hi! Arek is my name.


I’m the creator of this guide, and I’ve worked at top branding companies before starting my own studio.


Now I’ll show you some of the most effective foundations for success.


This is my account.

Dvornechuk, Arek

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How does it work?

Ensure that your client shares your vision.


Organize a discovery session.


Create meaningful notions.


Obtain quick client approval.

What is the purpose of the Strategy Guide?

When you take on a new client and dive right into design, it’s easy to get caught up in countless rounds of changes and lose control of your workflow.


Develop your skills as a brand strategist.

Attract more profitable clientele with a larger budget.

Feel secure and confident in your decision.


In this manual,

What Is Involved

Guidebook (80+ pages)

This practical guide is jam-packed with tactics, resources, and approaches to help you stay on track.

12 Tutorial Videos

Watch my video tutorials for step-by-step instructions. Videos of real client strategy sessions are included.

* View a trailer on my YouTube channel.

Templates and Worksheets

Fillable PDFs can be used to run seminars online or in person (examples available!).

Brief Strategy Example

Create your own branded delivery paperwork quickly and easily with our templates.

Build brands more quickly

Anyone working on a branding effort should read this.


Designers of Graphics

Studio proprietors


Strategists for brands

Directors of Photography



Designers of websites




What others have said

Still have doubts?

Don’t believe me when I say that! Take a look at some of the emails and social media messages I’ve received from students who liked the course.

“If you’re seeking to take a strategic approach to brand building, this is a fantastic resource.” There has been no resistance and very few adjustments since we started using it.”

Creative Director, Akshay R




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