Eben Pagan - Self Made Wealth
Eben Pagan – Self Made Wealth
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Eben Pagan – Self Made Wealth



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Who Am I, and Why Should You Pay Attention to What I Have to Say About Making Money and Financial Freedom?

Eben Pagan is my name.


I came from a background that most people would consider to be highly disadvantaged.


Oregon is where I was raised. Quite far into the woods. I didn’t start making more than 10 bucks an hour until I was in my mid-20s. In fact, during the early years of my life, I just did physical labor employment to make a living.


I didn’t have wealthy or successful mentors to learn from. In actuality, I knew no one who knew anyone who was wealthy or rich.


In other words, I had no prior knowledge of money, therefore I had to learn everything from scratch.


When I was in my twenties and realized that what I had been doing actually wasn’t bringing in the money and achieving the success I desired financially, I made the decision to look into other alternatives.


I then started a business.




I experimented with starting several businesses for a number of years, but the most of them didn’t really succeed or really work out.

But every time, I gained knowledge that I could build on top of my previous knowledge and apply collectively to increase the success of my subsequent endeavors.


And little by little, my businesses started to succeed more and more until they really took off.


Since then, I’ve started multiple million dollar companies from nothing. They all continue to run today. They’re all quite prosperous and expanding.


I’m not bragging when I say this; rather, I’m just letting you know that I put a lot of effort into figuring this things out.


I did not grow up with someone explicitly teaching me every step I must take in order to succeed. I didn’t have a silver spoon in my mouth from birth. I didn’t have a wealthy mentor who helped me work through all of my internal issues, emotional problems, and flawed programming.


I had to put a lot of effort into this by myself.










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