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The Full Access High Ticket Course That Will Show You How to Create a Successful E-Commerce Business


Are you prepared to create a TRUE, sustainable online business?


Perhaps you’ve struggled with low ticket e-commerce, tried a ton of items, made (or lost) a few bucks, and are now prepared to launch a hugely lucrative company?


If you answered “YES” to either of these questions, continue reading because this course is created just for you.



Why does High Ticket Ecom always succeed?


You have never seen an Ecom company like High Ticket Ecom.


Everyone is familiar with (or has used) the conventional Low Ticket Ecom or Dropshipping strategy, which involves selling low-priced goods in large quantities.


However, there are other factors making low ticket dropshipping less appealing:


Low-quality goods

high rates of product returns

Processing hundreds of orders

The “winning” product is churned and burned.


In a nutshell, High Ticket eCom addresses the issues that Low Ticket eComs raises.


However, in order to be more precise, some of the principal advantages of High Ticket Vs Low Ticket include:


selling expensive goods ($500+)

fewer orders to manage in total

fewer refunds and higher-quality clients

the potential to create a REAL company that can continue to expand every year

High profit margins are also crucial.



What is the High Ticket Ecom Process?


Check out this illustration of a high priced order for $1,000:



Introduce yourself, please.


My name is Jake.


When I was working a 9–5 job a few years ago, the idea of spending the rest of my life moving up the corporate ladder truly terrified me.


I had previously tried—and failed—to develop an internet income that would supplement my regular salary.


Low-cost dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and Amazon reselling


But until I came across internet sellers of expensive goods, everything made sense to me.


I was hooked after this. Everything I was looking for was here.


It was only natural!


Since then, I’ve created other High Ticket E-Commerce stores, sold millions of dollars’ worth of goods, and created online digital assets that I can now market for six figures.


You can now create your own high ticket e-commerce business that generates $1000+ in sales using the same tested methodology.



What You’ll Learn Inside The Course Is As Follows:

High Ticket Ecommerce Video Training


How to create your own High Ticket Ecom Store is covered in detail over the course of more than 5 hours.



Video from Module 1: “Mindset for Ecommerce Success”


How to prepare yourself for High Ticket Ecom success


The Big Picture & Niche Selection in Module 2


How the High Ticket Ecom business model actually functions

Proven techniques for easily locating successful niches for products costing $500 or more

How to evaluate your niche concepts using tried-and-true metrics

How to choose a 6-figure niche concept

How to launch your company

How to Build Your High Ticket Store in Module 3

How to properly create a high-ticket online store

The best ways to give your shop the appearance of a “major retailer”

Over-the-shoulder movies that walk you through the process of building a store


Finding and Onboarding Suppliers in Module 4: Video


How to locate reputable suppliers in your nation without having to pay for supplier directories, marketing tools, or product research software

Copy the strategies (and scripts) I employ to contact vendors.

Learn how to easily integrate suppliers in a few of weeks.


Optimizing Your Store in Module 5


Proven techniques to boost conversions, trust, and AOV

I’ll reveal every Shopify app I use with you.


Module 6: Running Video Paid Ads


How to build a Google paid ads funnel that attracts traffic that is ready to buy

Copy my proven advertising formula, which gets better over time.


Retargeting Warm Traffic With Ads in Module 7 (Coming Soon)



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