Ecom World 2022
Ecom World 2022
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Ecom World 2022



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The whole ecommerce world is converging on the internet in 2022 to exchange exclusive knowledge, techniques, and effective methods for building, operating, and scaling profitable ecommerce enterprises.

Speakers at Ecom World 2022
Come hear from the world’s most successful direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand founders, CEOs, CMOs, and Amazon sellers, as well as industry experts and the brightest minds in ecommerce. They’ll share some of the practical tactics and insider secrets that the world’s most successful companies (including their own) employ to expand and profit.



Ecom World 2022 Speakers:



Sharma, Nik

Growth Indicators for 2022


Ranally, Kyle

Reimagining Retail & Hybrid Shopping


Zuckerberg, Randi

Zuckerberg Media’s Founder and CEO


Fogarty, Davie

The $270 Million Product Sourcing Plan


McKelvey, Jim

Block co-founder (formerly Square)


Buell, Ted

Machine Learning Can Help You Create High-Performance Ads


Fitzgerald, Kellen

What Makes a Product Go Viral? TikToks


Chesler, Benjamin

With 1,500 employees, I built a $700 million sustainable business.


James Kate

Social Shopping


Firestone, Ezra

Audit of an Eight-Figure Ecommerce Store


Crespi, Mirella

Create a data-driven, creative team.


Widrick, Kyle

From Direct to Consumer to Omnichannel


Wyckoff, Lily

Developing Emotional Customer Relationships


Brown, Sarah

The Founder’s Role in DTC Brand Content Marketing


McElwee, Dean








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