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Ed Leake – Forge – God Tier Ads
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Ed Leake – Forge – God Tier Ads



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Hello, My name is Ed Leake,
I was among the very first 0.00001 percent of the population in the world to own a domain and to monetise a site.

You’d think that after all these years , I’d have the skills to make an appealing website.

This one is a good compromise.

You’re probably thinking … who is Ed in the first place?

  • I created my first website in the year 1996… simply because I was a geeky.
  • I have several years of experience with this kind of internet-related stuff.
  • I’ve managed to manage over $200 million in advertising spend (and not even).
  • I’m an owner of an agency, Saas product owner, Ad Tech builder, ppc-nerd as well as a mentor and investor.
  • My agency has been in operation for Midas Media for 12+ years.
  • I acquired Adboozter in 2018.
  • Created AdEvolver to automatize Google Ads accounts at scale and make sure that your clients are satisfied.

They know their stuff.

I assist people in growing their business from small to big, through advertising through PPC (pay per click marketing) along with Analytics. Plus, a significant amount of conversion optimization to make sure that everything is in order I help businesses grow from small to large – no pun meant.

That’s power of a nerd (not Guru) power!

What I provide you with is the foundation of my own business strategies and wins for clients.

I’m a fervent motorsports, coffee and workaholic however I’m not willing to admit to my addictions.



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