Eero Westerberg - Movement 20XX (2018
Eero Westerberg – Movement 20XX
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Eero Westerberg – Movement 20XX



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Hello! My name is Eero Westerberg and I am the movement expert behind Movement 20XX. This system is the accumulation of years of my experience in teaching, training and studying ways to get stronger, more mobile and more coordinated.

This course was created to transfer my expertise and knowledge to practical real-life results so you can transform your body and build a functional, strong and beautiful physique!


Movement 20XX is a mix of different styles of training such as martial arts, dance, gymnastics, bodyweight training, fitness and yoga. Use everything at your disposal and become a master of movement.


The workouts of Movement 20XX will help you lose fat and get fit. Workouts of Movement 20XX are effective to build an impressive physique.


The workouts will build strength and muscle. You will also develop mobility everywhere in the body. Every joint in your body should also get stronger.


The movements and exercises will improve balance, coordination, body control, spatial awareness and agility. It’s not enough to look good, you should also be able to perform!

Get Fit, Strong, Mobile and Well-coordinated
Why Movement 20XX is different and special
Not just about strength, but everything
Move like an animal, target the body like a surgeon
Master the ground and every other plane
For everyone regardless of your age, gender or background
Complete Your Evolution
human evolution movement20xx

Babies still to this day develop their muscles and structural integrity through different terrestrial locomotion patterns such as quadrupedal movement. Our bodies and brains also evolved through natural movement patterns.

Only when we are adults, we lose touch with our origins and as a result get stiff and weak. Our modern lifestyle harms our health and develops pains and aches.

To regain our health, vitality and natural strength, you only have to do what babies do and what our ancestors did in the beginning: move in the natural movement patterns!

Everyone has the potential to move in a graceful way and be healthy, strong and functional. In fact, this is our birthright and it belongs to all of us.
Feedback From Our Awesome Users
movement 20xx review
movement20xx review
review movement 20xx movement20xx review
Movement20XX movment20xx
The Benefits of Movement 20XX

Build functional strength

Build mobility and flexibility

Improve structural balance and posture

Learn impressive movements

Develop coordination and body control

Lose fat and get in shape


Movement 20XX will introduce you to many different ways of movement and styles of training. You will experience what is actually possible in the world of movement.

Once you get started, you will not only realize that you are capable of A LOT more than you thought before but that you can also get very good at this!

After doing Movement 20XX people will not only notice changes in your physical appearance but also in how you carry yourself. This body confidence may as well be the most important thing.


Movement 20XX has 11 structured flow routines you can follow where different movements have been combined together. These are AMAZING for strengthening the body but also fun to do!

There are flow routines for many different purposes: for strength, mobility, muscular development and even for fat loss, coordination, body control, spatial awareness and agility.

You will also be introduced to a concept called “free flow”. The purpose of free flow is to just move. With 53 flow movements of Movement 20XX you will soon be moving with plenty of grace and variety!

Easy to Use & User-Friendly

Movement 20XX is an online course which is accessible on any device with an internet connection.

Every movement and exercise is in a HD video format with clear step-by-step instructions.

Workout routines and scheduling are built in the system. There are 6 months of workouts!

Browse and watch the videos on any device. Videos are downloadable for offline use.

Works on all computers, tablets and phones.
Suitable for all difficulty levels: absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Workouts become gradually more difficult at your own pace.

movment 20xx movement 20xx m20xx

Simple structure to follow – just follow the workouts.
Workout schedules (6+ months) and a workout generator included.

All videos are downloadable for offline use!

Movement 20XX movement20xx

Get access to almost 100 high definition videos.
Movement 20XX is a full workout system with HD videos, effective workouts, complete routines and a brilliant structure.
For all fitness levels, ages and genders!

This is how I got strong, mobile and gained around 10 kg (22 pounds) of muscle!

I started out as an average guy in my early 20s with no prior athletic background. With right methods and right exercises transforming how you move, look and feel is certainly possible.

Movement 20XX has the exercises and movements I personally used to transform my body from a skinny guy to what you see today.

Movement 20XX also contains the mobility exercises I have used to improve my mobility while fixing many back, hip and shoulder problems!

I am committed to helping you to reach your goals!
Samuli Jyrkinen transformation

Samuli Jyrkinen


Movement 20XX style of training got me in a GREAT shape.

My journey started by first losing around 22 kg (50 lbs) of fat by doing the calisthenics exercises of Movement 20XX and plenty of cycling.

I did all of this at home without joining a gym. Bodyweight training works amazingly well as long as you do the right exercises correctly.

Movement 20XX has the exercises, movements and workouts to get you in shape so it’s really up to you to make it happen. No excuses left, just do the work!


29, USA

Movement 20XX exceeded all of my expectations! The content is clean and well delivered, the programming is sound, and above all fun and inspiring.

The monthly cycles are progressive and dose intensity and volume in a manner that does not create the need for copious rest and progress can always be made.

Training nearly 6 months with Movement 20XX has increased my body control, built strength, increased mobility, produced a lean physique without unneeded mass, and has shown me just how capable of a mover I can become.

On par with participation in an internship at an extremely high level sports facility, Movement 20XX was the best investment for my own fitness and fitness knowledge that I have ever made.

Combining my fitness gains and knowledge learned with the outstanding customer service and passion of Samuli and Eero, I cannot recommend Movement 20XX enough!  (Read full testimonial)

Matthew Cutillo


At 44 years old I have never felt so good, looked so young in 20 years, and even in my 20’s I was not this flexible and fit.

I feel better than ever now at this age and for my wife and 9 year old daughter that means EVERYTHING to me! I can’t even believe how far how fast and how dramatic the results are from your Movement 20XX program!

My wife is a bit jealous and interested in starting, too! Your info on training regimen are absolutely perfect. Thanks so much guys – priceless!
anna-maria movement 20xx review

Anna-Maria Gerhart

Amg Holistictraining, Berlin, 39.

Movement 20XX is definitely my personal fitness motivation.

To train myself, I have been looking for a program that I could do at home, cause in my free time I really don’t wanna go to a fitness club.

Having tried different known fitness apps like Freeletics, I was quite disappointed that none of them really stroke me. The problem for me was always that I got bored by the basic moves that had to repeated a thousand times, but not beautifully or aesthetically combined.

Movement 20XX is the total opposite. In my opinion, it is a program for people who know how important it is to have a regular workout, who know how to work with a training plan and who are willing to go further to achieve long-lasting results.

For me, Eero has inspired me with his flowing animal and challenging athletic moves and combinations for several months now. His focus on quality instead of quantity makes the difference. And of course his authenticity. There is no showing off. It is all about training. And this is what really convinced me.

The program gives a lot of freedom, but at the same time, I feel challenged and motivated knowing that the level will rise profoundly from month to month. The moves will become a huge challenge (I already sneaked into the program of the upcoming months) and this is really what keeps me repeating the workout as Eero has planned it to.

I am looking forward to seeing myself proceeding and hopefully succeeding.

Karen Dubi


Movement 20XX is super fun and an effective method of exercise, body awareness, concentration and coordination.

I am a Yoga teacher and have a deep appreciation for locomotive movement. I purchased the Movement 20XX program and was so impressed with the format and break down of movements for each exercise.

Clearly, dynamic movement and mobility are at the heart of Movement 20XX. I love the primal animal-like flow and how it compliments my yoga practice with strength and stability. It is super fun and an effective method of exercise, body awareness, concentration and coordination.

The Movement 20XX was the start of my new-found-love for body weight training and has served as a stepping-stone for Athlete 20XX.

I have strengthened my scapula and the surrounding muscle groups, gained much more stability, and best of all, I am pain free!

I love Eero’s style and methodology of teaching, and I love the format and design of his programs.  I highly recommend both programs!!







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