Eli Wilde - NLP For Sales
Eli Wilde – NLP For Sales
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Eli Wilde – NLP For Sales



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Eli is a man who “represents the SOUL and SPIRIT of INFLUENCE.”
(Tony Robbins)

10 Secrets Revealed: This exclusive program now offers the 10 truths that have generated over nine figures in personal sales.

Process for Creating Irresistible Offers – Learn how to express your offer to prospects in terms of their needs and wants so they feel like it is especially suited to them and give you their credit card.

Follow-Up Fix Formula: With this easy method, you may recover one lost sale every week. With an offer of $5K+, you would recover almost $250K in yearly lost revenue!

Closed, private forum with like-minded business owners and salespeople to help you get answers, feel supported, and maintain accountability.











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