Elizabeth Goddard - The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing
Elizabeth Goddard – The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing
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Elizabeth Goddard – The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing



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What is the only difference between hustling to sign another client to pay your upcoming bills and passively adding a couple hundred to your bank account each month? This is a business-changing question for online service providers and coaches who are still trading their time for every dollar they make.

You’d be wrong if you thought the answer was coming up with a “passive” offer that you have to keep launching.


You’d be mistaken if you said nonstop blogging and keyword research.


And if you guessed correctly…


Creating a website’s resources page on the off chance that someone will eventually click on it.


Trying to determine the specifics of the ideal Pinterest strategy


Or starting a horrible side business


Thankfully, you would still be mistaken.



You established your online business in order to have more time, freedom, and money.

However, you don’t feel like you’ve made a good impression on any of them just yet. There always seems to be a cost to be paid.


If you have more time, you spend it signing clients or making offers that you’re not sure will sell. Your looming bills have been bothering you throughout.


You can make more money if you sign more clients. However, all of a sudden, the colored blocks on your Google calendar start to fill up, leaving you to wonder where all of the spare time went.


Big-time trainers, gurus, and bro-marketers typically say, “Just develop a passive course that sells like hotcakes!” at this point.

From here’s the thing: a course is anything but passive. Without any assurance of success, they can be a lot of work.


You could devote many hours to conducting market research, strategizing, keeping track of everything, and setting up the backend funnel magic.


And you still have no guarantee that it will boost your company’s revenue.


Every time you launch the damn thing, you also have to write sales page copy, generate content to promote it, pay for expensive software, and add another page or two to your to-do list.



There is a better technique that doesn’t require endless hours of work to significantly increase your monthly income.

Most internet company owners find these two words to be a little unsettling:


affiliate promotion


You’re not mistaken if you think that affiliate marketing is filthy, spammy, sleazy, or the pinnacle of bro-marketing techniques.


Some aggressive affiliate marketers will not stop flooding your email. Because that is exactly how they go about it, they have managed to persuade everyone that affiliate marketing is unreliable, inappropriate, and even disgusting.


However, affiliate marketing isn’t any of those things at its core.


Being the very helpful, incredibly great, needle-moving friend to your online business friends is what it’s all about; spamming them with fake links is not necessary.


Furthermore, affiliate marketing doesn’t need scheduling hours of time, which is the nicest part. Without any effort on your part, it can be included into your regular work.


You don’t have to stress about adding yet another challenging chore or content strategy to your to-do list when you’re working on #allthethings for your company.


You can even be blatantly lax about it and still get extra revenue each month by promoting the tools, programs, and courses you enjoy.




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