Energy Coach Level Two Certification Training by Magali Peysha
Energy Coach Level Two Certification Training by Magali Peysha
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Energy Coach Level Two Certification Training by Magali Peysha



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You Can Be An Energy Coach

Empower, Heal, and Revitalize
Become an Energy Coach
When we work with clients at a spiritual level the transformations are life changing

This in-depth training supports you in coaching clients who are needing to make healthy changes in their life. Energy coaching is a creative, healing, and life changing spiritual process. Through deep connection with their inner resources a client nurtures themselves at the soul level.

More than ever, people want to create more meaningful lives, they want their journey to be a soul evolution. Energy Coaches support their clients to learn and heal.

Every person wants to know their life has mattered.  When real spiritual evolution happens, it feels like the word YES is reverberating throughout our bodies.

This style of coaching teaches and guides a client through their own inner healing. Becoming an Energy Coach means stepping into your own  spiritual path of purpose.  As you connect your gifts you become an empowered healer and coach.

“I would like to express deep gratitude for this wonderful opportunity and your sharing of your gifts. You are so inspiring and full of love and compassion. I can sense it so much when listening to your voice. Over the past few days, I experience a real calm and peace within as well as gratitude for all there is. I also feel that there is more acceptance of things out in the world I cannot change at this moment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful opportunity to sit together in communion and meditation. What a beautiful treat. Much love from Switzerland!” –Claudia
Become an Energy Coach
Alignment at the Soul Level

Through activating your intuitive wisdom  you coach from a place of connection with the divine.

The world is ready now for healing gifts and awakened experience.   At Coaching Institute we hold the space for you to grow into a powerful healing presence. You will be ready to work with groups and individual clients.
As you balance your own energy system you create the space within for manifesting intuitive gifts and healthy power.

At Coaching Institute we hold the space for you to grow and unwind what is stuck and limiting your soul’s purpose in the world. In this program you will receive the inner healing needed to become a powerful healer yourself.
Energy Blocks Can Limit Emotions and Actions

Your Energy System is an invisible matrix from which your emotions, your healthy power, and your actions emerge.

In modern culture, we’re often taught to ignore the energetic level of being. We are told that energy doesn’t matter, or doesn’t exist. We’re supposed to “think” our way into a new experience.

However, when you become aware of and connected to your spiritual energy, this energy can become your greatest resource.
Magali Peysha
Founder of Coaching Institute and
Activation™ Method Energy Coaching