Eric Crown - Master Your Options
Eric Crown – Master Your Options
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Eric Crown – Master Your Options



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I’ve always been fascinated in ‘Trading’ and the lifestyle that comes with it. The excitement and dynamic energy of the business captivated me as a young teen. I’ve spent my summers at the Pacific Stock Exchange (PCX) since I was 11 years old, learning about the Equity Options business. Years of working on the Floor until I took a four-year break to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Oregon.


However, soon after graduation, I realized that becoming a Professional Trader was my actual calling. My adult life has been spent on the floors of major US options exchanges, studying the art of technical analysis and trading from some of the world’s top traders. I learned from the best of the best during nearly a decade of Market Making in Equity Options on both the New York Stock Exchange ARCA (NYSE Arca) and the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) to make Trading as a living a reality for my post-college self. After years of being mentored by these Masters, I felt ready to grab the reins and began developing my own distinctive techniques. After a few years, I moved into the world of cryptocurrency trading, which is where I currently spend my time because I believe the opportunity and excitement are unrivaled by any other traditional trading environment.


It is my life’s objective to not only be a perpetual student of trading mastery, but also to share the concepts, thought processes, and methods that have led to my success with those who aspire to a similar lifestyle.


Having said that, welcome to Krown Trading!



After a decade of mastering the art of trading from various masters on the NYSE Arca and CBOE, this program was created. From there, I distilled the information and applied it especially to the world of options, creating my own unique Trading Strategies with the goal of long-term success.


Now, the first rule of mastering ANYTHING, and this includes the Art of Options, is to Invest in YOURSELF!



Allow me to explain.


I am a firm believer in Human Psychology and the underlying principles of Evolutionary Psychology, which has led me to feel that value is created by investing what is valuable to us as human beings, such as time and money. Consider this: I’m sure you know someone who is often complaining about their job, saying things like “Oh, I hate my job” or “my job sucks” or “if only I could be free and travel and generate money passively, I’d be happy.” Now, I’m sure the same individual has been whining for a long time and has access to the internet or, at the absolute least, a library. However, despite the fact that your local library has a wealth of information on how to start an online business and attain financial independence, they seldom use it.

Obviously, they do not! They lack the “buy-in” component since they do not believe it has value because they were not required to work for it! Without investment, there is no value. As easy as that! Since becoming anatomically modern homo sapiens, our evolutionary brains have been built to value what we invest in for hundreds of thousands of years.


Let’s look at an example of the opposite situation. Have you ever been in a relationship with a lady (or a boy) and realized as the relationship deteriorated that staying in it was probably not the greatest decision, but you couldn’t seem to disconnect emotionally? Simply put, you valued the relationship emotionally because you invested time and presumably resources into it.


This Program is meant to manufacture the same key “Buy-in” aspect that makes learning a new skill like the Art of Options a practically automatic process since your brain will be super focused and sponge-like in soaking up all of the material contained. This program is nearly 25 hours long in all, but you will most likely re-watch the modules several times over the years as your grasp of the materials evolves. This is intentional.


Not only that, but I wanted the price to reflect both the time and effort I put into creating this program, as well as the decade I spent studying this material and making my own trade of time and money in exchange for knowledge and experience.




In this program, I’ll offer everything I know about the tactics I employ and can verify have helped me develop long-term profitable trading habits.



This program includes 41 modules that cover these themes in detail, as well as *special access* to the Krown Trading proprietary Fibonocci and a hidden VIP Discord.


This is a carefully selected group of people who have devoted not just their time and money, but more importantly, their enthusiasm in acquiring and mastering this talent. This is the group where I and the other members of this community get together to share ideas and discuss the specific techniques and settings described in the Program, as well as any points of clarification from the Program itself. I prioritize my time and attention toward assisting members of this community first, and I also use this channel to update my thoughts on the market and what I’m observing.





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