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Erin Flynn – Streamline Design Profit
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Erin Flynn – Streamline Design Profit



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Make this the year you finally create a PROFITABLE web design business.

You’re hustling.

Every month you’re looking to book clients, fill your schedule, and pay your bills.

But OMG, it’s exhausting! You’re spending all your time working instead of enjoying your life.

Or you’re spending all your time hustling, but hardly landing any clients–and the ones you DO land? They’re terrible. They drag the project out, and never pay on time.

And no matter how hard you hustle, you’re living project to project, or never able to take the side-gig of your web design business to full-gig status.

It does not have to be that way.

You can create a profitable web design business without adding more work to your schedule, and turn that side-hustle or hobby into a real business–even if you can only work part-time!

Streamline Design Profit is an A-Z course designed to help YOU get your web design business to higher profitability by streamlining the admin work, and selling the value you provide your clients. Everything from attracting the right clients, to closing sales, to managing the project, to handing the completed website off to your clients is included.

Streamline Design Profit is for web designers who are ready to…

Make more money.

Stop competing on price.

Get more (and better) clients.

Spend less time doing admin work.

Stand out in a highly-saturated market.

Provide their clients with an amazing experience.

Spend more time doing what you love with the people you love.

Great design skills aren’t enough.

Even if you’ve got that unicorn-combo of design and development, it’s STILL not enough.

Because high-end clients want more than a bundle of graphics and code.

High-end clients want a solution to their problems, paired with an incredible experience.

That’s what Streamline Design Profit teaches you to deliver.

Unlike generic business programs, Streamline Design Profit is designed JUST for web designers like you.

Inside, you’ll learn the A-Z from landing clients to project launch. We cover everything you need to know in order to attract high-paying clients you love working with, to launching the website and handing the keys over to an ecstatic client. And of course, everything in between!

What you won’t learn? Generic BS that kind-of-applies-but-not-really that they teach in other programs.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

ow about this for a transformation?

Your life currently…

  • You’re making way less $$$ than you need to be for the amount of work you’re doing and you feel like you might be better off playing guitar on a street corner–and you’ve never even held a guitar
  • You’re not sure when you last wrapped up work before 2am, what a weekend is, or if you have children
  • Projects are disorganized and you’re responding to clients in your email, on Facebook, via text message, and they’re even hitting you up on Instagram
  • Scope creep is out of control and that “simple” website is now an ecommerce site with membership and soon you’ll be turning it into the next social media platform…

Your life after joining SDP…

  • You’re making more $$$ and spending far less time managing your projects
  • You don’t work nights or weekends, and you have a real relationship with everyone who lives in your house–and even some people who don’t!
  • Projects are organized with all their files in one place, along with client communication so both you and your clients always know where everything is and the proper way to talk to each other
  • Scope creep? No way! But if your client wants to add a feature it will cost $XXX… and be scheduled at your next available opening. BOOM.

Get Streamline Design Profit – Erin Flynn  at the Course Farm

You don’t have to make more complex websites in order to charge premium prices.

You don’t need better design skills.

You don’t need better (or any!) coding skills.

You don’t need to learn fancy new software or switch platforms.

You can sell the same websites you’re currently making for a lot more, if you simply learn how to deliver results and a great experience for your clients.

Which is what you’ll learn in Streamline Design Profit.

What You’ll Learn in Streamline Design Profit

Inside Streamline Design Profit, I take you step-by-step through my entire process, from inquiry to website launch. Each module includes worksheets, scripts, and/or templates to make it easy for you to make REAL progress and complete the course.

Module 1 :

  • Learn how to determine exactly how much money you need to make to create your profitable web design business.
  • Then, find a niche you adore working with and that will be profitable to target, and
  • Narrow down to your ideal clients (who can afford you) and learn how to attract them

Module 2 :

  • You’re selling the wrong thing. Learn what you need to focus on selling that will have your ideal clients practically throwing their money at you. Then,
  • Streamline all of your services so that you’re selling only what you enjoy and what your ideal clients want to buy.
  • Sell the value of working with you, so that you’re no longer competing against others, but become the clear choice to your ideal clients.
  • Package and sell your services in a way that has clients saying “YES!” before they even contact you.
  • We wrap up the module by outlining your payment schedules so you get cash coming in regularly.

Module 3 :

  • Who wants to work with bad clients? Not you. And you don’t have to anymore. Learn how to automatically screen out bad clients before you waste any time on them.
  • Set up your inquiry forms so that potential clients give you the information you need to know if they’re the right fit for you.
  • Create an intro packet that will weed out bad clients and get great ones excited to work with you.
  • Then hop on a discovery call to truly understand your client’s needs (and I promise this isn’t as scary as it seems!).
  • Create a proposal template that will cut down your proposal time to just minutes–but will convert clients like a dream.

Module 4 :

  • You’ve got a client, now what?! Welcome your client aboard with a welcome packet that will outline everything they need to know during the project, and keep things running smoothly.
  • Set up your project in a project management system to keep your projects on-time and on-track.
  • Assign your clients homework to get what you need from them–including login info, a strategy questionnaire, and a website content guide, so you never have to wait on your clients again!

Module 5 :

  • It’s time to make a website! Learn how to design strategically so that your website designs do more than just look pretty, they solve problems for your clients (which means you can charge more for them!).
  • Host a successful strategy call with your client to make sure you’re both on the same page, then
  • Dive into the mockup and learn a faster way to create websites.
  • Present your work to your client like a professional, and cut down on revision cycles.
  • Learn how to extract feedback from your client that you can actually use to make changes–but be prepared for a lot fewer revision requests!
  • Finally, test the website to make sure it’s all working perfectly.

Module 6 :

  • 3…2…1…LAUNCH! Launch your excited client’s website into the world!
  • Hand off the project smoothly with your goodbye packet that will cut down on support after the website is live.
  • Collect feedback from your client that you can use to make improvements to your processes, as well as turn into testimonials and case studies that will attract more amazing clients your way.
  • Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!


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