Ezra - Firestone - Train My Traffic Person 2022
Ezra – Firestone – Train My Traffic Person 2022
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Ezra – Firestone – Train My Traffic Person 2022



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I’m Molly, hello!
And switching over to a career as a media buyer significantly altered my life.

I was working as a bartender in Kentucky when I made the decision to learn digital marketing, and I had no idea what sponsored traffic was.


I’ve now managed $100 million in advertising expenditures and instructed thousands of marketers on how to enhance their advertising and advance their careers.


So how did I manage to be successful in a cutthroat field that’s always changing?



I found a guide! I began working with Ryan Deiss back in 2012, and he helped me learn the ropes and how to think like a marketer. I spent a lot of time honing my craft and millions of dollars running advertising campaigns.


From there, I created my nine-step traffic method and helped the business grow by four times before being promoted to vice president. (Nice, huh?!)


Nevertheless, it wasn’t until I began instructing Train My Traffic Person that it dawned on me that, although media buying is my skill and a passion of mine, teaching is my true calling.


So when Ezra Firestone invited me to succeed him as CEO of Smart Marketer in 2020, I leaped at the chance to devote more time to learning.


Over 1,000 TMTP students I’ve supervised over the past two years have learned from me how to flourish in the tumultuous world of digital advertising. I’ve assisted my students in continuing to succeed in this new Facebook era despite additional privacy regulations, issues with the supply chain, and increasing vendor competition.


In order for you to succeed as a media buyer in any sector or market, I’d want to now impart to you my tried-and-true traffic system.




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