FluxAcademy – The 6 Figure Freelance Designer
FluxAcademy – The 6 Figure Freelance Designer
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FluxAcademy – The 6 Figure Freelance Designer



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Become a top-tier freelancer, get consistent high-paying clients, and scale to six-figures.


Yep, you. 

You probably think that I’m just saying this. That making a great living as a freelancer is only for a few lucky ones for whom the client stars magically align.

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not.

You see, the thing nobody tells you about succeeding as a freelancer is that it takes mastering two distinct skill sets: knowing your craft and running a business.

A quick Google search and you’ll find a ton of resources on how to become a better designer. But not so many on how to become a better business owner.

Which is exactly the challenge most struggling freelancers have – and the reason why friends who are actually better designers than me quickly burned out as freelancers and are now working for someone else again.

They’ve got valuable skills to solve valuable problems. But lack the business skills to convey that and consistently attract clients that want what they’ve got.

It’s this business stuff that keeps you awake at night, friend.

  • When you feel stuck with cheap clients who are a pain to manage? That’s the business stuff.
  • When you’re riding the roller coaster of feast-and-famine cycles? That’s the business stuff.
  • When you’re afraid you won’t close any clients if you raise your prices? That’s the business stuff.
  • When you’re busting your butt and barely making ends meet? That’s the business stuff.
  • When you worry that freelancing is just this unstable game and not a sustainable career? That’s the business stuff.

The first step to become a six-figure freelancer is to run your business like one.

If you only take one thing from reading this page, friend, make it this:

Successful freelancers don’t just happen to consistently attract high-paying clients. 

They set up their businesses to consistently attract high-paying clients.

They have strategic processes and systems in place. They are intentional with their marketing and positioning. They understand the ins-and-outs of running a business.

The problem?

If you ask most top-tier freelancers how they learned this stuff, they’ll all tell you the same:

They just messed it up enough times. They learned by elimination. By trying all the wrong ways before finding what actually works.

Heck! I’ll be the first one to tell you that.

But, really… In this day and time, why should you go through the same? 

Why should you wait and learn from your mistakes, when you can go ahead and learn from mine?

What if instead you could get my key learnings from growing my own six-figure freelance business, while skipping all my mishaps and troubles?



Six-Figure Freelance Designer is a 12-week program covering everything you need to turn your freelance hustle into a successful six-figure business.

These are the very same lessons I learned while growing my freelance business from $0 to $300K years.

And now? Now I’m handing it all to you as a step-by-step, straightforward process so you can succeed as a freelancer without the years of trial and error, bad clients, and 12-hour workdays that it took me to figure this out.

  • Consistently attract and close high-value clients and put an end to the feast-and-famine cycles you currently experience in your business.
  • Communicate your value in a way that gets clients eager to invest in working with you – yes, specifically you!
  • Know exactly what to do every day to bring in a steady stream of clients and projects, and create a sustainable freelance business
  • Have systems in place that align with your strengths, goals, and interests so you’re building a business that you love to run.
  • Master your finances and everything that goes into having a business that’s increasingly profitable.
  • Feel confident navigating negotiations, stating your prices, and closing projects.
  • Have the proven plan and resources to become a successful freelancer and get well paid for doing what you love

Here’s What’s Included:      

  • week 01: Niche
    Owning a niche is key for a profitable freelance business. Use my niching framework to discover the most profitable niche for you and become a go-to expert in your field.
  • week 02: Messaging
    Discover 5 messaging tactics to stand out in your niche, and use my scripts to effectively communicate and validate your unique value proposition.
  • week 03: Website
    Start building a brand in your niche with a website that reflects your newly-uncovered unique value proposition and captures your ideal clients’ interest.
  • week 04: Marketing Systems
    Discover the optimal marketing strategy for you, based on your goals and strengths. You’ll end this module knowing the exact actions you need to take every day and week to ensure you’re always bringing in new clients.
  • week 05: Pricing Strategy
    Discover how to use my Pricing Pyramid to price your services in a way that demonstrates your value, increases profitability, and makes sense for your business, niche, and value proposition.
  • week 06: Sales & Negotiation
    Learn exactly how to navigate sales calls, negotiations, money-talk, and rejections. These are the skills you need to stop selling and start closing, and create a steady stream of high-value clients.
  • week 07: Effective Outreach
    While your marketing systems gain momentum, use these effective outreach strategies to find your next clients – and the first ones to match your new niche, value proposition, and pricing.
  • week 08: Profitability & Finances
    These are the skills most freelancers neglect – and yet, one of the most crucial to create a profitable freelance business. From bank accounts, taxes and invoices to the secrets to creating sustainable cash flow, I’m covering it all.
  • week 09: Business operations
    There’s a lot more to serving clients than just being great at what you do. Here you’ll see exactly how I handle time-tracking, project management, goals, metrics, proposals and contracts, CRM systems and more – including tons of templates and ready-to-use resources.
  • week 10: Client relationships
    Following up, closing upsells, and securing referrals… Healthy and profitable client relationships are key for any successful freelance business.
  • week 11: Delegating
    As your freelance business grows, outsourcing will be key to scaling and increasing profitability. It’s also what allows you to stay in your zone of genius. Discover exactly what and how to outsource, as well as the ins-and-outs of working with other creators.
  • week 12: Growth
    You’ll need systems to ensure the continued growth of your business – and as usual, I got you covered. From lead generation to finances to strategic planning and personal growth, this is the stuff that will make you a six-figure freelance designer.
  • When you join Six-Figure Freelance Designer you’ll get:
  • 12 video modules
    covering everything you need to know to turn your freelance hustle into a six-figure business.
  • Accompanying action guides for every module
    so you know exactly how to implement what you learn and get results.
  • Tons of examples from my successful freelancer businesses
    so you’re never left wondering what this stuff looks like in practice.
  • Resources, templates, and documents
    I used in my own business to manage business operations.
  • The Six-Figure Freelance Designer private community
    where you’ll be able to connect with fellow freelancers for feedback, collaborations and referrals.
  • Not a bunch of theory
    The problem with most business resources is that they’re not actionable. You’re left with a bunch of principles and theory, but no clue how to actually put them into practice.
    That’s why I created Six-Figure Freelance Designer with implementation in mind:
  • Every module comes with accompanying action guides so you know exactly what to do to implement what you’ve learned and start seeing results.
  • The lessons are packed with examples from real-life businesses so you know what different principles look like in action.
  • You’ll get access to resources and templates straight from my own business, so it’s dead-easy to shape up your operations.
  • All content is focused on the two main problems you have as a freelancer: getting better clients consistently and reaching profitability.
  • Six-Figure Freelance Designer is for you if…
  • You’re in this for the long-run. You’re ready to put in the work needed to set up your business for continued growth and success.
  • You want to learn from someone who grew a multiple six-figure business as a freelance designer from scratch. Someone that gets it.
  • You’re done with the feast-and-famine cycle and eager to discover how to consistently attract and close clients.
  • You know that “overnight success” is a myth, and that consistent results require consistent action.
  • You’re ready to stop accepting whatever project comes your way. You want to work with better clients on interesting projects and get well paid for your skills.
  • Now – this is not the thing for you if…
  • You’re completely new to design, and actually need help learning skills that you can offer clients.
  • You’ll watch the videos and skip the action guides that help you put things into practice. You will not get results by just binge-watching the content.
  • You’re looking for a “quick fix” that will bring in one or two clients by the end of month. Six-Figure Freelance Designer is about the foundational work required to become a top-tier freelancer.







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