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Foreclosure Academy – Foreclosure Secrets
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Foreclosure Academy – Foreclosure Secrets



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Private Wealth Academy’s Coreclosure Academy teaches you how to use someone else’s foreclosure as your own personal ATM machine. The Facebook video advertisement that just appeared in my newsfeed had a man asking, “Do you know what happens when a house is foreclosed? “What happens when the government or banks have collected the taxes or mortgage payments owed to them? Here’s what’s happening and how to get rewarded well for your assistance. Click here to read my review.



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“Over a million residences are foreclosed on every year because owners are no longer able to make their mortgage or tax payments,” he continues. And each time, there is some money left over when properties are auctioned off for more than what was owed to the county or the banks. Consider the scenario where you owed $30,000 in mortgage or property taxes and were unable to pay them. Additionally, your property was foreclosed upon and ultimately sold at auction for $130,000.


Do you agree with me? So the county or the banks will use that money to recoup the fees, okay? They will utilize $30,000 in this instance, plus additional funds for fines. Thus, the remaining money is one hundred and thirty thousand dollars less thirty thousand (or such). Do you want to know who is entitled to that extra cash now? The government most definitely isn’t, though. And the banks are not either. It is the homeowners’ property. But it’s being hoarded by the government and banks.


What can I do with this knowledge, you might be asking yourself at this point? Here’s the catch, though. I discovered the flaw in the $1 billion slush fund created by the government and the banks. How to reclaim these funds for their rightful owners and receive a respectable cut of up to forty to fifty percent for anyone who follows my instructions. Additionally, I’m talking millions when I say cut. I mean, figure it out for yourself. We are unable to retrieve the full amount of money ourselves from 30.000 properties per day. As a result, we won’t compete with one another.




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