Foundr – Ecommerce Masters 2020
Foundr – Ecommerce Masters 2020
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Foundr – Ecommerce Masters 2020



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What Do I Get From Ecommerce Masters?

Our in-depth course is 9+ hours of content and includes 70+ videos filled with actionable lessons you can plug-and-play in your store right away.

You will learn the latest and most proven tactics that our five instructors have learned over the years to grow their ecommerce businesses to the seven and eight-figure range.

Once you start the course, you’ll see there are five modules, each dedicated to one instructor and topic:

Module 1: Advanced Influencer Marketing

Work with Gretta van Riel to create and run highly profitable influencer marketing campaigns. You’ll learn how to define influential people, how to target both macro- and micro-influencers, and how to build relationships with them so the entire process runs smoothly.

Module 2: Scaling With Facebook Ads

Learn from Nick Shackelford, who will teach you how to create a successful Facebook Ads campaign. You’ll learn everything from what an ads journey is to testing ad ideas to remarketing, and much more.

Module 3: Advanced Operations, Manufacturing and Supply Chain

You’ll discover the operational strategies Richard Li has used over the years to scale his companies to the eight-figure range and beyond. Rich teaches the first steps of scaling your operations, sourcing techniques to find high-quality suppliers, advanced negotiation techniques to improve your profit margins, and more.

Module 4: Multimillion-Dollar Ecommerce Email Marketing

Chase Diamond will show you the exact steps he has taken to use email marketing to grow traffic and sales for many of his own companies and clients. Learn unique “email flows” Chase has developed to recover lost sales and nurture potential customers. You will see with unparalleled detail how each of these campaigns work, so you can implement them in your store right away.

Module 5: Product Success Formula

Rob Ward teaches you how to take your ecommerce store to the next level using proven product development strategies. Specifically, you will learn how to find product-market fit, how to validate your products, and how to innovate with your products, and more.

— —

Throughout this course, our five instructors share everything they have learned over the years working in the trenches—all their secrets, techniques, and ideas that they’ve identified through hard work, success, and failure. Instead of having to go through all the pains they went through, you can directly adopt their expertise and apply it to your store.

Some of these techniques include:

  • The Influencer’s 3 R’s – Learn what a real influencer looks like so you can find them with precision and work with the right ones for your company.
  • The Science of Scaling Your Ads – Discover the exact system Nick has used to exponentially grow his Facebook Ads campaign over and over.
  • The GOAT Method – Finding the right manufacturers can be incredibly hard, especially when you work with business people from different cultures. In this lesson, Richard will show you the exact method he has developed to find the best manufacturers for his products.
  • The 3 Email Flows You Must Implement Today to Increase Your Sales and AOV – There are 10 email flows Chase uses, but three are critical for your success. In this lesson, you will learn exactly what they are and how you can use them.
  • The “Second Album” Framework – It’s pretty hard to create and launch a successful product, but creating two? That’s even harder. In this lesson, Rob will show you how you can use his approach to create additional hit products.

What This Course Is Not

Ecommerce Masters is not for entrepreneurs who are just beginning to understand what it takes to start an ecommerce store. Also, if you haven’t yet launched a store and are trying to start a business in general, or if you have an existing business but don’t sell physical products, this course isn’t for you.

This course also isn’t for you if you aren’t willing to do the work to scale your store to the next level. Doing what our five experts advise won’t be easy, but if you follow the process, you will get results.

Time to Take the Next Step

If you are ready to take your ecommerce store to the next level, then Foundr and our five amazing instructors are ready to help. By the end of this course, you will know how to:

  • Run a successful Facebook Ads campaign
  • Scale your operations globally
  • Leverage the power of influencers to explode your reach
  • Create a profitable email marketing campaign
  • Use advanced product development strategies to create the right product

If you are serious about succeeding with your ecommerce business, it’s time to make a decision that can help you scale your business to new heights.

Do you have any questions or comments about this course? We’d love to hear what you have in mind!  Leave a comment below or contact us directly at [email protected], and we’ll reach back as soon as possible.



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