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This course will teach you how to optimize, audit, and improve Facebook and Instagram ad performance in 2021. (Yes, even after the release of iOS14!)

It explains all of the current attribution and optimization changes and how to navigate them, as well as showing you step-by-step examples of how to discover the right audiences, bid correctly, restructure your accounts, scale properly, and create content that converts.


Interviews with industry leaders including Nick Shackelford, Susan Wenograd, Akvile DeFazio, and Ryan Kovach on how they optimize on a daily or weekly basis are interwoven throughout this course.


This 150+ minute course also includes membership to quarterly webinars with Andrew Foxwell and the Foxwell Digital team ($500+ value) with updates on optimization inside the Facebook ads platform as changes occur, ensuring you’re always on top of your game. You’ll always be up to date on what’s working if you have access to these webinars (and not).


With this course, we’ve included three worksheets: a ROI/COGS/CPA calculator, a change log, and a Delayed Attribution Calculator.


Foxwell Digital guarantees that all of its courses will meet your expectations. We will refund your money if you do not find value in this training.

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Covered Topics

Takeaways from the Class


Optimization and auditing are being defined.

When should you audit and when should you optimize your account?

Issues and misunderstandings that arise frequently

Recent optimization and auditing modifications (iOS14.5)

How pre-iOS14 advertising differs from post-iOS14 advertising

The correct technique to plan and strategize the optimization process

Optimization on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

When optimizing, which metrics should you look at?

Creative, audiences, bids, and placements are all factors to consider while optimizing.

To improve your account audits, you’ll need to employ tools, graphs, and data both inside and outside of Facebook Ads Manager.

Checklists and step-by-step guidance for properly optimizing and auditing

Setting realistic expectations and goals


Additionally, the course includes


Foxwell Digital Optimization Webinar Membership ($500 value) includes quarterly Zoom webinars in Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2021 with updates on Facebook and Instagram ad adjustments you should be aware of.

Susan Wenograd, Akvile DeFazio, Shane Cicero, Tim Aton, Zach Hyde, Ryan Kovach, and Nick Shackelford are among the industry professionals interviewed.

Delayed Attribution Worksheet, ROAS Calculator, and Advertising Changelog are among the resources available.


Included are videos.

With Confidence and Clarity, Optimizing and Auditing.mp4

• (1h 40m 14s)

7-27-21 Foxwell Digital Webinar

• (1h 37m 26s)

Q3 2021 FD Optimization Webinar Deck.pdf

•2.65 MB

Worksheet for Delayed Attribution by Foxwell Digital.xlsx

•20.4 KB

Digital ROAS Calculator.xlsx by Foxwell

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Facebook Changelog.xlsx by Foxwell Digital

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Susan Wenograd of Susan Wenograd Media and Akvile DeFazio of AKvertise collaborated on this project.

Susan Wenograd and Akvile DeFazio join Andrew to talk about what signs they’re looking for on (and off) Facebook when it comes to tweaking ads and getting ready for the Apple iOS14.5 update.

Ways to Approach Optimization After iOS 14 by Susan Wenograd and Akvile DeFazio

•14 Minutes

Foxwell Digital’s Shane Cicero

Shane Cicero and Andrew Foxwell talk about the upcoming changes coming with Apple’s iOS14.5 update, how they’ll likely effect the Facebook Ads Platform, and how they’re adjusting to keep their clients’ accounts optimized.

Shane Cicero – Upcoming Facebook Ads Platform Changes

•14 Minutes

Homestead Studio — Tim Aton and Zach Hyde

Tim Aton discusses with Andrew how the Homestead team is now improving their client accounts and their plan of attack as they transition into the post-iOS14 era.


Zach Hyde joins the discussion and discusses how they continue to arrange Ad creative testing and how they envision it assisting them in the future.

Tim Aton and Zach Hyde – creative and optimization testing

•15 mins

Social Outlier Ryan Kovach

Ryan Kovach joins Andrew to describe the specific methodology and analytics that the Social Outlier team utilizes before shutting off unsuccessful ad packages.

How the Social Outlier Team Views Optimization by Ryan Kovach

•9 Minutes

Konstant Kreative – Nick Shackelford

Nick Shackleford reveals his screen and explains through the analytics and tools he and his team use to optimize their ads now, as well as how they plan to modify as iOS 14.5 is released.

Nick Shackelford – Facebook Ads Optimization

•21 Minutes

Replay of the Q4 Optimization Webinar

Andrew Foxwell and the Foxwell Digital team address all things optimization for Facebook and Instagram specifically as it’s happening right now in the Q4 Optimization Webinar, which will be aired live on October 13, 2021.


Topics covered include:


In relation to Q4 2021, the RCABP process and updates

MER and ROAS optimization

UTMs for optimization (and how to pull the report)

AEM, ATT, and CAPI optimization (technical walk-thru)

How do we deal with data loss?

Creative optimization

Exclusionary optimization

In Q4, CBO vs. ABO

In Q4, we’re optimizing using manual bidding.

Facebook and Instagram Shops Optimization

Using other advertising platforms to optimize

Optimisation for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period


Webinar on Q4 Optimization.mp4

• (1h 05m 53s)



I will continue to suggest just this course maker. Andrew Foxwell is one of the most astute digital marketers around.


Sonne, Jeromy


I’m frequently asked where I can learn more about Facebook and teach it. I don’t make many digital items because there are so many great ones out there, such as Andrew Foxwell’s.


Konstant Kreative – Nick Shackelford


Take this. Now. Andrew’s courses and community work are without a doubt the best Facebook resources available.


Palsovic, Martin


Want to discover how to enhance performance from the finest in our industry? Check out this Andrew Foxwell course, which I highly recommend. Andrew has taught me a great deal. He continues to move the industry forward in the correct direction!


Litterst, Florian


I don’t typically recommend many digital educators, but Andrew is a proven and true expert in Facebook and Instagram advertising. Take a look at this one!


Mandalia, Depesh


When I saw the people he interviewed, I realized he packed $10,000 worth of knowledge into one course and sold it for a fraction of the price. Now I just have to figure out how to get my accountant to write it off as a required business expense!


Barbur, Mat


When it comes to Facebook ads, we’ve noticed substantial changes in our accounts over the previous several months. I’m looking forward to seeing Andrew’s new course go live because it’s jam-packed with useful strategies you can use in your own marketing efforts. Take a look!


DeFazio, Akvile


Optimization. The most significant and difficult aspect of media buying. This course comes highly recommended.


Hladnik, Rok


I’ve never regretted purchasing a Foxwell Course. Check out his most recent work!


Christensen, Tony


The quarterly upgrades alone are worth the price of admission. With how quickly things is changing, this is a huge benefit.


Lund, Pamela






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