Frank Kern – Stefan Georgi – The Ads Madness Masterclass
Frank Kern – Stefan Georgi – The Ads Madness Masterclass
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Frank Kern – Stefan Georgi – The Ads Madness Masterclass



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What you receive:





We’ll begin with Stefan’s unique 9-step framework for producing virtually endless ad ideas and hooks.


Then, you’ll be shown seven or more over-the-shoulder examples of how Stefan and Frank apply this approach to different fields.


Professional services, SaaS, health supplements, dating/relationships, high-end coaching, and lead generation are just a few examples.


After that, Frank’s Mad Scientist Media Buyer Blueprint will be given to you.


The real structure of your Facebook Advertising account, when to employ various ad objectives, and how to use machine learning are all covered in this.


After that, you’ll be given a thorough explanation of how Frank has been successfully promoting a $4 offer to cold traffic for over a year.


as well as a step-by-step tour of Frank’s LIVE Ads Manager…


Additionally, we’ll talk about the FAQ-Bridge tactic (which is quite effective)…


Before concluding the day by responding to your most pressing inquiries.







The most common ad formats that are effective on Facebook and YouTube will be broken down live by Stefan and Frank. This includes ERM ads, comparison ads, Direct Value Props ads, and more.


Imagine sitting at a kitchen table with two of the best marketers in the world as they analyze Ad-after-Ad, discussing what they like about it, what may be improved upon, and more…


And exactly as though you were seated across from them at the kitchen table…


Both Stefan and Frank will be there to respond to your inquiries.


Additionally, on Day 2, Frank will demonstrate his renowned Educational Ad Framework to attendees.


Which is a rinse-and-repeat, templated framework that he is accustomed to using to sell deals on Facebook and YouTube valued at millions of dollars.







The focus of our final masterclass is IMPLEMENTATION.


You now have the opportunity to put everything you’ve learned into practice and receive feedback from Frank and Stefan as you go.


The way it works is that at the start of class, we’ll quickly go over everything we’ve studied so far.


After that, we’ll have one or two “sprint sessions,” during which you’ll have time to think about hooks, develop commercials, and maybe even set up or launch a new ad campaign.


the conclusion of Day 3…


Together, we’ll go through some of our students’ work, offer comments or pointers, and perhaps even sing your praises.











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