G7FX - Pro Course
G7FX – Pro Course
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G7FX – Pro Course



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What is G7FX?





G7FX is an online trading course that claims to give anyone a professional trading education.

The course was created by Nirav, also known as NV. Nirav is an institutional forex and futures trader with 16+ years of industry experience. He also advised central banks, hedge funds, and other major financial institutions.

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Today, Nirav wants to share his experience with students through G7FX:

“I setup G7FX so I could change that. My ultimate vision was to bring the exact same training program offered by the very best institutions in the world, directly to you.”

Nirav doesn’t dazzle students with claims of easy money, record profits, or million-dollar overnight returns; instead, he claims you can gradually become a better trader over time by focusing on the fundamentals.

The G7FX modules are marketed towards beginner and intermediate traders who want to get better. If you like trading and want to learn more, or if you want help achieving your financial freedom, then G7FX may be the right trader education course for you.



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