Gene Maryushenko – E-Com Swipe (Agency)
Gene Maryushenko – E-Com Swipe (Agency)
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Gene Maryushenko – E-Com Swipe (Agency)



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Are you frustrated with the low conversions and sales on e-commerce?

Your customers come to your store to look around and add items to their carts, but they never complete their purchase. It’s exhausting, I know.

You work hard as an e-commerce store owner to ensure your products get the attention they deserve. It’s hard work to spend money on SEO, paid advertising and marketing. It’s not worth the effort if people don’t buy.

This frustrating feeling is something I am familiar with, as well as my clients. They are willing to pay $3,000 for it to be fixed.

They understand that a boost in conversions can make a huge difference in getting by and thriving.

After conducting many audits, I discovered a pattern. Poor conversions and poor sales are common problems on e-commerce websites.

You can change the balance, fortunately.

So I started a database of proven conversion strategies. This database saves time and money, and it works right away. It’s free, even without the large fee.

It is easy to read and use in just 2 minutes.

These strategies were used by me on clients I know who have seen $10 million in additional revenue.

E-commerce shops make simple mistakes that, if they corrected them, would see more customers. Not everyone has $3k to spare.

I gathered the best of my knowledge, which you can immediately fix, and made it affordable for everyone. An Airtable with visual examples and explanations will be available to you. You can sort by difficulty or type of page for quick reference.

It is always up-to-date so I can add new strategies to it.




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