Godly Texting Guide
Godly Texting Guide
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Godly Texting Guide



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The Foundations, Module 1: 3 videos, 20 minutes

You will have mastered the PROVEN attitude required to go through “The Great Filter” and wildly attract girls over text by the end of this program. You’ll also discover why most guys struggle with texting, and you’ll join the select group of men who know how to succeed.




The Fundamentals of a Godly Text Game, Module 2

30 minutes | 6 videos


Learn these fundamentals of texting like a GOD, and you’ll instantly set yourself apart from the 99% of guys who are still texting girls with cliched openings like “hey what’s up cutie” and getting left on “Read.”


Once you understand the fundamental Dos and Don’ts, you’ll also understand the EXACT techniques I developed for texting girls to flirt and tease them.




Module 3: Advanced Godly Techniques

35 minutes and 7 videos


Here, I demonstrate the most sophisticated godly texting strategies that I personally employ on a daily basis to secure more dates with girlfriend-caliber ladies. You will be a texting GOD after finishing this module, and it will come naturally to you to get through “The Great Filter.” Never again will you have to be concerned about texting.




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