Gold Minds Global – 5 Day Program
Gold Minds Global – 5 Day Program
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Gold Minds Global – 5 Day Program



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Dimitri is well-known in the FOREX trading community and has provided free assistance to numerous people all around the world. This experience convinced him that there was a demand for his educational services across national borders, leading to the establishment of Gold Minds Global Inc. (“GMG”). Dimitri has almost 20,000 followers even without the benefit of commercial advertising. He has spread his message throughout the world, particularly in Asia, where he speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese. His tactics have yielded positive results for a wide range of college students both domestically and globally.

Gold Minds Global is a FOREX industry leader, providing important and cutting-edge data.

GMG does not provide financial advice; rather, it aims to provide merchants with the most comprehensive set of informational tools to enable them to make sound business decisions while navigating the FOREX market’s volatile liquidity.

Dimitri Wallace is your instructor.

Dimitri’s 5 Dwell Lessons

Options for the 5-Day Program Over the course of five days, one-hour online (LIVE) webinars will be held.




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