Grace Lever – Bundle (8 courses)
Grace Lever – Bundle (8 courses)
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Grace Lever – Bundle (8 courses)



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What You Get: Online Courses 101 Module 1

Learn about my go-to competition research tools, price and refund structures, as well as myths and mentality training… So now you know how to begin your own online course adventure.

Module #2

Your Plan of Action

How to use my A-Z Formula to develop a valuable high ticket course offer that sells in a matter of days… So you can get your course off your mind and get paid for it right away.

Module #3

Rapid Content Development

My 4-Day Formula can help you create material faster. From choosing the best delivery style to filming tips to planning your production timetable… You can avoid the guesswork and start to work right away.

Module #4

Creating Your Program

A detailed tour of your course’s technical setup… You can make setting up and running (and selling) your course a breeze, from design to video editing to onboarding.

Module #5

Your Unbeatable Course Deal

Create a course that your target market can’t refuse. Find out about my profitable upsells, downsells, and course inclusions… So you may increase the value of your basket without increasing the number of customers.

Module #6

Free Traffic Techniques

Instead of spending money to load your course with students, use the power of email marketing and Facebook to attract motivated, passionate students who already know, like, and trust you.




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