Grace Lever - The Virtual Events Project
Grace Lever – The Virtual Events Project
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Grace Lever – The Virtual Events Project



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Before this past year hit us hard, the biggest driver of my 8-figure coaching business was Live Events.

With these face-to-face retreats, half-day workshops, and conferences, I was able to:
…make a deeper impact with my message than I could with an online course.
…develop lifelong bonds with clients in just hours.
…position myself as the go-to expert in my niche.
…and of course, create a windfall of cash (up to $100,000 in just a matter of days!)
So when my 10+ scheduled, organised, and paid-for events for 2020 were CANCELLED
I had no idea how to replicate the same experience online. 
I asked questions like:
  • What does a virtual event even LOOK like?
  • ​What platforms out there exist?
  • ​How do you plan one of these events? Budgeting? Vendors? Schedules?
  • ​Where do I start with PRODUCTION? Do I need an expensive studio and upmarket camera?
  • ​How do I FILL one of these events (and get my guests to actually show up?)
The worst part was, when I researched what others were doing, I was disappointed…
Because their virtual events were nothing more than glorified Zoom calls or Facebook Lives! 
(As if we weren’t all spending enough time on those platforms…)
BUT – necessity is the mother of all invention…
So in this new era of virtual, online businesses though, I knew it HAD to be possible to host a virtual event that was just as professional, engaging, and profitable… 
…as my 10 cancelled events would have been.
I gathered my production team and we put our heads down.
Over the next week we tested dozens of platforms…
Attended other virtual events (often at 2am…)
Designed a new schedule, budget, and charts.
Our first virtual event wasn’t perfect, but it taught us a LOT about attendee communications, upping the production value (really affordably),and creating an atmosphere online.
We tweaked our next event, and it was a raving success! 
Fast forward to six months later, and we’ve successfully planned, filled, and run 10 Virtual Events with another 8 in the calendar before Christmas 🙂
Virtual Events that are just as good (if not BETTER) than our in-person ones!
I’m not saying there isn’t a time or place for face-to-face…
But the numbers don’t lie!
We used to blow our budget on venue costs and travel expenses…
But now, we’ve drawn in multiple 6-figures with an 1/8 of the costs!
And, while our numbers used to be capped by venue capacity, and travel…
Now, we’ve connected with as many as 2,000 women at once, from all around the globe.



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