Grant Cardone – 10X Growth Conference 3
Grant Cardone – 10X Growth Conference 3
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Grant Cardone – 10X Growth Conference 3



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If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my many years of helping people find relief solutions for the back taxes they owe, it’s that every situation is unique. Even when I was working for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), I saw firsthand the varying circumstances that have led people to debt. Some are victims to situations beyond their control; others have dug a hole that feels too deep to crawl out of. Then there are those in denial, ignoring the ever-growing chasm of debt.

Continuous Improvement

Regardless of how they got there, I’m not afraid to step in and help someone the best I can. I have the knowledge and experience to help people land back on their feet, prepared and capable of avoiding the same situation in the future. But to get to that point, experts like myself have to keep getting better. Tax laws and relief programs and the demands of our clients change frequently, and if we’re not prepared for these updates, we could wind up creating more heartbreak, debt, and complications for the people we promised to help.

This February, I took some time away from my business and my family to continue my education and training at Grant Cardone’s 10x Growth Conference 3 in Miami, Florida. This engaging conference encourages success at a variety of professional and personal levels, transforming a series of business-related educational sessions into a life conference. I attended Cardone’s conference last year in Las Vegas along with 9,000 other eager entrepreneurs and business professionals, but this year, Cardone and his associates took their motivational conference to the next level.

Stepping away to attend the 10x Growth Conference 3

This year, I joined 35,000 other people at Marlins Park and heard from worldwide leaders like Spanx founder and CEO Sara Blakely, Shark Tank star and CEO Daymond John, Entrepreneur and TV star Bethenny Frankel, and comedian and television host Steve Harvey. This opportunity allowed business owners, leaders, and aspiring professionals an insider view into some of the world’s most successful people.

What’s even better is that this conference always feels personal, despite the massive quantities of people that flood into it. I’ve gained new relationships and contacts at this conference, and I coordinated with a group of experts from across the country to meet up and engage in thoughtful conversations.

More Than Just Tax Relief

I feel extremely grateful for an opportunity like this. I’ve been able to learn from industry leaders, and I’ve gained more knowledge in my conversations with peers across the nation. Together we learned some of the best practices for more effectively helping clients, while also acting as a sounding board for fellow tax-industry experts. Since my services are available to clients from all over the U.S., having this intimate knowledge about tax expert offerings in Iowa, Virginia, or anywhere else in the nation will allow me to be more prepared for my clients.

Furthermore, it’s a step toward offering my clients more than just tax relief. I want to be their go-to source in finding a solution to the overwhelming weight of back-tax debt, but that means I have to do more than just meet the standards the IRS is putting out. Debt is personal, and it impacts people beyond federal codes and laws. My clients deserve someone who’s willing to take it to that personal level; I know I’m the person who can.



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