Grow and Convert - Customers From Content
Grow and Convert – Customers From Content
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Grow and Convert – Customers From Content



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Today we’re excited to announce that our B2B content marketing training program, Customers from Content, is open for enrollment.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been showing you bits and pieces of our B2B content marketing system through our Live Challenge. Now we’re ready to share our entire process and work with your team 1-on-1 to implement it.

Our process is made exclusively for B2B companies. If you’re in one, you know your challenges are unique. We’ve heard it directly from you over the past year and a half:

“Driving the right kind of traffic” – How do you use content to get more traffic from qualified prospects? In order to convert prospects to paying customers, you need traffic from your target customers. You don’t sell consumer products to anyone, you sell to businesses. So all traffic is not worth the same.
“Creating higher quality content” – To get this highly qualified traffic, you need to start producing better quality content, not more top 10 lists or clickbait articles. How?
“We have a distribution problem” – If you’re already producing what you consider pretty good content. How do you promote it to your target customers so that it gets traffic and leads?
There are more challenges that we cover, like converting traffic to leads, measuring ROI, and scaling this process without the founders or content marketers doing all the work.

There isn’t a course out there that covers how to solve all of these challenges that B2B content marketers face…

So we made one. You can learn all about it and enroll today.

It includes:

A 6-step system to get B2B leads from content – This is not a list of tactics or “hacks”, it’s a 6-step process we’ve used for years working inside multiple companies, and have taught to over a dozen more in the past 1.5 years of Grow and Convert.
Direct consulting from us – We’ve worked with companies over the phone or in person at their offices and have received great feedback on how valuable this was, so we included options to have me and Devesh work 1-on-1 with you or your team to build your content strategy.
Built-in networking – Build relationships with other content marketers in similar B2B companies with our private Slack group where you or your content marketing hires can ask questions and collaborate directly with us and other members.
Lifetime access for the entire company – We’re not charging per seat. Buy one license for your entire company and have it available to train any current or future employees or contractors. You’ll get all future updates to the program as well.
A live strategy document – To help you and your employees take action immediately, we’ve included a live, editable strategy document (Google Doc or Word) so you can apply each lesson immediately to your company and start building your content strategy as you go.
Streaming HD video, detailed slides, custom models – The online program isn’t just written content, it’s 38 HD videos. You and your employees can stream the lessons on your phone, download detailed slides, and customize spreadsheet models to your business.


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