Grow With Video Live 2020
Grow With Video Live 2020
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Grow With Video Live 2020



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The entire conference will be online for you to join us from everywhere in the world.

This is the place to learn cutting edge marketing tactics, become motivated, begin implementing proven strategies, and meet other like-minded creative entrepreneurs. You also will have the opportunity to network with top brands, receive personalized help, and hear industry experts share their secrets.

Frequently Asked Questions
What can I expect at the event?
This event is one of the many events hosted by Think Media CEO Sean Cannell.
This event is designed for you to learn the necessary steps to growing a profitable YouTube channel while also connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs.
Over the 3 days, we’ll have a series of powerful sessions taught by Sean, Heather and our other high-level speakers.
I already bought a ticket – what now?
If you already purchased a ticket we’ve actually already granted you a virtual ticket – so you’re all ready to go! And as an added bonus, we’ve actually granted you into a higher ticket tier than your original purchase. You will receive an email letting you know which tier you are in and what benefits come along with it.
When is Grow With Video Live happening?
It will be the same dates as the original conference, September 8-10th, 2020. The conference will be a full day from about 9 AM – 5 PM PDT (Los Angeles time). If you can’t make some of the sessions, you’ll be able to watch the replay at least until September 12th (if you purchase an Ultimate ticket you’ll have indefinite access to the recordings).
Where is Grow With Video Live happening?
Grow With Video Live 2020 will happen entirely online! We have so much in store for you guys and we’re excited to announce more details to be released soon.
Will this still be fun and community building as a virtual experience?
All we can say is a resounding, YES. If you were a part of our YouTube Influence Challenge, you were able to get a sense of the community this kind of event can create. We were able to get to know so many of you. We had so many fun, casual (sometimes random and hilarious) conversations. We spent long hours in the chat together sharing experiences and of course, learning some of the best tips and strategies for YouTube and beyond. We saw collaborations get planned and lasting communities form. And we have even more in store for our Grow With Video Live attendees.
While you may think, “I’ll just buy the course” or “it will be the same as watching a YouTube video”. it’s absolutely not. Nothing can replace the community feel when you’re there in the chat interacting, laughing and hanging out with us for three whole days.
Will I still learn just as much?
Definitely. In fact, you may even learn more! The virtual experience eliminates many of the inefficiencies of in-person events and we can double-down on extra sessions and bonus activities for our Premier and Ultimate attendees. We’re pumped to teach you all about the most recent YouTube strategies, social media hacks and business tactics.
Who will be leading the breakout sessions?
These sessions will be lead by guest speakers and coaches who can help you work through niche topics and trainings throughout the conference.
Will the guest speakers still be attending?
We will still have many, if not all of our original speaker line up attending the conference! And due to the virtual nature of the event, we’re able to invite even more amazing speakers and coaches. Stay tuned for more info!
How is Grow With Video Live Different?
Grow With Video Live is a virtual event where you’ll actually do the work to take your YouTube channel and business to the next level.
This event is jam-packed with information all about growing your influence with YouTube and online business. We will cover YouTube best practices, live streaming, creating income with video, digital product creation, social media advertising, and more.
Grow With Video Live is unlike any other event out there! You won’t just learn cutting edge tactics and become motivated, you’ll actually do the work and implement what we teach you. You’ll leave having set up the foundation you need to launch or expand your business, while having a blast doing it! From active learning to power growth sessions, get ready to be fully engrossed and entertained while expanding your knowledge all day long.
Grow With Video Live is PERFECT For Anyone Who.

Is a purpose-driven entrepreneur, author, speaker, personal brand, influencer, who wants to learn the best strategies for growing their influence and income with online video.
Wants to grow their business or brand using the best marketing medium at your disposal – YOUTUBE! (the type of business does not matter)
Wants to systematically and reliably acquire customers.
Wants to learn how to craft the perfect message that converts their viewers into subscribers and customers.
Wants to take advantage of the massive digital revolution we are living through and grow their influence.







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