Harmon Bothers – Write Ads That Sell
Harmon Bothers – Write Ads That Sell
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Harmon Bothers – Write Ads That Sell



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Limited-time exclusive offer for members of the 14-Day Script Writing ChallengeCONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE YOUR SALES VIDEO SCRIPT!Are you ready for the next step?Do you know how to build characters that will enable you to brand and sell for the long-term?​Do you know how to make your script funny so it engages more viewers and sells more products?Do you know how to cast, direct, light, film, and edit your script?​Can you add animation and motion graphics to your footage?If you’re ready to learn all these skills and more, we’re offering our 14-Day Script Challenge Students the HBU Super Bundle for the first time ever! GET ALL OF OUR COURSES IN ONE EXCLUSIVELY-PRICED PACKAGE:EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO WRITE A ‘HERO AD’ THAT BRANDS AND SELLSUnderstand world building, the style that will set your video apartKnow how to choose which jokes to keep and which to cutLearn how to plan and conduct a writing retreat​Get 2 full-hour creator’s commentary showing you the thought process behind every element of some of our most successful adsMASTER THE ELEMENTS OF HUMOR FOR MORE EFFECTIVE ADS Learn effective humor for ultimate branding & ad retentionIncrease the sharability of your ads, and get free advertising by making it impossible for viewers NOT to share your contentLearn how to sell more by making people laughUnderstand and recognize comedic tools —then use them to your advantageTHE WHAT AND HOW OF BRINGING YOUR POLISHED SCRIPT TO LIFEHow to run a casting call, and what to look for in auditions (Doing this one thing will make directing your video 80% easier)Learn to direct your video including the production checklist, testing shoots, and understand each vital role as a directorUnderstand how to make sure everyone catches the vision (it’s not a pep talk, it’s something you make)Learn to create a rough cut that will save you massive time and money​We’ll tell you where to get invaluable feedback to improve your video​Learn animation principles, motion graphics strategies, and much, MUCH more…1 – WRITE ADS THAT SELLINCLUDES LIFETIME ACCESS TO:You’ll have lifetime access to over 25 video lessons where Daniel Harmon and Dave Vance go in-depth with specific examples and techniques that will teach you everything it takes to write a great script that brands and sells.($7,899 Value)You’ll get 3 downloadable workbooks for more in-depth information and tailored exercises to stimulate your imagination, track your ideas, and take action on what you’ve learned.($297 Value)We’re giving you the exact script template we use for all of our writers, plus an actual sample script from one of our most famous campaigns. Use it to jumpstart your script and follow our exact formula to be sure you’ve included all of the necessary components to be sure your script sells.($319 Value)Real feedback from Daniel Harmon and the Harmon Brothers team on your script! You’ll get personal responses through email and messenger to improve your script($2,200 Value)This mini-course breaks down our process for ensuring the success of the writing phase & shows you the exact steps we take to plan and conduct one of the most important pieces of our writing process—and how we come out the other side with a finalized script.($197 Value)TOTAL VALUE OF THIS SINGLE COURSE:$10,912 VALUE2 – MAKE YOUR ADS FUNNYINCLUDES LIFETIME ACCESS TO:Get over 3.5 hours of concise, actionable (and entertaining!) video content including 70+ digestible videos that will explain and breakdown comedic tools you can use to write, direct, and edit funny ads.($499 Value)3 actionable workbooks with exercises for strengthening your comedy chops in the writing, filming, and editing phases of your ad.($297 Value)500 page joke bank that classifies jokes into 70+ categories from our lead writer, Dave Vance, the writer of some of our most successful campaigns including Squatty Potty, FiberFix, Purple, and more.($179 Value)TOTAL VALUE OF THIS SINGLE COURSE:$975 VALUE3 – FILM & EDIT ADS THAT SELLINCLUDES LIFETIME ACCESS TO:Film & Edit Ads That Sell includes videos from and exclusive bootcamp covering Casting, Directing, Editing, Special Effects & Graphics and more. You’ll also receive lifetime access to the refined & updated course when it’s released in 2020 at no additional charge.($5,000 Value)5 workbooks with prompts and exercises for casting, directing, filming, and editing your ad track your ideas and take action on what you’ve learned.($297 Value)Seven behind-the-scenes videos to show you what it’s like on set. Get ready to see how our directors, creative directors and others solve problems and make choices about how they present the products they advertise.($99 Value)A bonus Q&A recording with questions like:How do you show a product demo (even if you have a service)?How and how much do you pay writers?How many ideas do you use in your videos and how do you choose which make it into the final cut?​And many more…($197 Value)TOTAL VALUE OF THIS SINGLE COURSE:$5,593 VALUETOTAL VALUE: $17,480SPECIAL PRICE: $4,291YOUR PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME: $1,997That’s less than the price of our Write Ads That Sell Course ALONE—but it’s only available to our 14-Day Script Challenge Students, and the price will be going up at the end of the year. Do not miss this opportunity to get all the instruction you need to write and create ads that brand and sell.GET OUR 3 FLAGSHIP COURSES + ALL BONUSESWRITE ADS THAT SELLMAKE YOUR ADS FUNNYFILM & EDIT ADS THAT SELLSuper Bundle Payment OptionsPrice$1,997HBU Super Bundle (BEST DEAL)$749 x 3 PaymentsHBU Super Bundle: 3-PayFirst NameLast NameYour Email Address (this will be your username)Phone NumberCredit Card Number:Exp:CVC Code:I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions as well as the Non-Disclosure Agreement.ENROLL NOW!NEXT STEP: SET UP HBU ACCOUNTCredit Card PaymentComodo Trusted Site SealYour Purchase Is SafeEVERYTHING YOU GET WITH THE HBU SUPER BUNDLE:​WRITE ADS THAT SELL COURSE($7,899 VALUE)​3 WRITE ADS THAT SELL WORKBOOKS($297 VALUE)​HARMON BROTHERS SCRIPT TEMPLATE($319 VALUE)​INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK FROM DANIEL & HB TEAM($2,200 VALUE)​HOW TO CONDUCT A WRITING RETREAT SERIES($197 VALUE)​Q&A WITH DANIEL PRE-RECORDED($197 VALUE)​MAKE YOUR ADS FUNNY COURSE($499 VALUE)3 MAKE YOUR ADS FUNNY WORKBOOKS($297 VALUE)​500 Page Joke Bank($197 VALUE)​FILM & EDIT ADS THAT SELL COURSE($5,000 VALUE)​5 FILM & EDIT ADS THAT SELL WORKBOOKS($297 VALUE)​7 BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEOS($99 VALUE)OVER $17,400 VALUEALL FOR ONLY $1,997Poo-PourriFiberFixSquatty PottyChatbooksCamp ChefVivint Home AutomationSquatty PottyPurple MattressesVivint Home AutomationCamp ChefClickFunnelsSquatty Potty

“HOW TO MAKE YOUR ADS FUNNY”$100 OFF TODAY!ItemPrice$197How To Make Your Ads Funny – DM $100 Off DiscountFROM POOP TO GOLD, THE BOOKONE TIME OFFER $15.97 ($4 OFF): LEARN FROM THE SUCCESSES AND FAILURES BEHIND-THE-SCENES OF THE GREATEST INTERNET ADS OF ALL TIME. ‘From Poop to Gold | The Marketing Magic of Harmon Brothers’ is a shortcut to help you avoid the failures we’ve made, improve upon our systems for success, and reshape the foundation of your business from the culture up.COMPLETE MY ORDER NOW!Credit Card PaymentHere’s What You’re Going to GetLifetime access to our How To Make Your Ads Funny Training Course ($499 Value)Full access to the Harmon Brothers University Facebook Group for personalized braintrust feedback on your content (Value = Priceless – Probably the most supportive group on Facebook. The majority of students in the group have taken Write Ads That Sell, our course that sells for $2,999+ and they’re actively exchanging feedback on hooks, offers, scripts, videos, etc.)Over 70 digestible videos that will explain and breakdown comedic tools you can use to write, direct, and edit funny ads. ($499 Value)3 actionable workbooks with exercises for strengthening your comedy chops in the writing, filming, and editing phases of your ad. ($99 Value)FREE BONUS-COMING SOON: 500 page joke bank that classifies jokes into 70+ categories from our lead writer, Dave Vance, who is responsible for some of our most funny (and famous) ads – Squatty Potty, FiberFix, Purple. (Value – never before released, not available for purchase anywhere else) Total Value $3,499HARMON BROTHERS UNIVERSITY$299 x 1212 payments of $299or save $589 with a single payment of $2,999[LIMITED TIME] – 15 minute phone consultation with a Harmon Brothers WriterLifetime Access – NOT a Subscription25+ Professionally Produced Video LessonsFacebook Community with current students & alumni3 Homework Assignments3 Downloadable WorkbooksBonus Content (e.g. How to Conduct a Writing Retreat, Video Q&A with Daniel Harmon, etc.)Create Your Own Script From Start to FinishAccess Lessons On Your Phone, Tablet, or PCLearn to Create Ads That Sell From The Best In The BusinessTerms & Conditions | Non Disclosure Agreement1YOUR INFOCREATE ACCOUNT2PURCHASEBILLING INFOGO TO STEP #2We Respect Your Privacy & InformationCredit Card PaymentPoo-PourriFiberFixChatbooksCamp ChefVivint Home AutomationSquatty PottyClickFunnelsPurple MattressesVivint Home AutomationSquatty PottyThese companies have used our methods to help sell hundreds of millions of dollars in products and services.JOIN DANIEL & DAVE AS THEY REVEAL:Secret #1Videos don’t have to be viral to sell.In fact, Daniel explains why trying for viral is exactly the WRONG approach if you want your video to sell—and what to do instead to maximize the reach of your content.Secret #2Humor is great,but it’s not the goal.Our videos usually use humor to sell—but even more important than the jokes are the formulas we use. We’re sharing the exact formula we use to generate millions of dollars in sales for our clients.Secret #3You can do thison your budget.You don’t have to have a large production budget to do what we do. Sure, it helps—but you’ll learn the keys that will enable you to create a successful campaign on any budget.And those are just a few things you’ll learn in the first few minutes of Write Ads That Sell.WHO ‘WRITE ADS THAT SELL’ IS FORIf you’ve ever contacted Harmon Brothers in hopes of working together and we turned you down because we were too busy or your business didn’t yet meet the criteria we use to select clients, this is for you.If you’ve seen a Harmon Brothers ad and thought your business could use a similar approach but didn’t have the budget or the knowledge of how to go about it, this is course is for you.If you’re already funny, this course will teach you to focus that humor and use it to sell. If you’re not a comedian, this course will teach you how to harness the humor around you to build a video that sells.ENROLL NOWOPEN FOR A LIMITED TIMEDON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR ITHERE’S WHAT STUDENTS SAID ABOUT ‘WRITE ADS THAT SELL’From a Crafting Pattern Sales Business:’I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am glad I made the investment…you are a fool to think you could do it better or cheaper on your own.’From a Marketing Video Services Company:’The organization that the HB outline and process brings to our videos is beyond exciting—we’re expecting big things for our next projects now.’From a Video Production Freelancer:Having a creative path to walk really empowers you to do better work through a better process.’From a Small Business Owner:’I’ve loved the honesty and willingness to share your insight. It is very helpful to learn, not only from ideas that worked, but also the ones that didn’t.’WHAT THIS COURSE ISOver the course of 25 video lessons with 3 accompanying downloadable workbooks, Daniel Harmon and Dave Vance go in-depth with specific examples and techniques that will teach you everything it takes to write a great script—from research, capturing the concept, and nailing the proper sales structure, to polishing and preparing the perfect script for production.We are opening our entire writing playbook and giving it to you in a professionally produced and edited course that gives you the tools you need to do what we do, without holding anything back.In addition, we’re intentionally keeping the class size small (enrollment will be open for just 36 hours) to give you personalized attention to take your script to the next level. Daniel and others on the team will be personally responding to your questions.By the end of the class, you’ll have a solid, well-tuned script ready for production that will not only sell, but will set the tone for future marketing initiatives and give you the knowledge, skills, and motivation to write an ad that sells.ENROLL NOWENROLLMENT OPEN FOR LIMITED TIMEA $21,000+ VALUE25 Knowledge-Packed VideosThe course is broken out into three sections, each with a number of videos that provide digestable chunks of knowledge—and specific actions for you to take as the course guides you through the process of writing an ad that sells.VALUE: $7,8993 WORKBOOKSThe three workbook downloads provide recaps of each section, additional resources, links, and homework assignments that will enable you to get the most out of the course—and finish with a script that will be tuned for selling and ready for production.VALUE: $479SCRIPT TEMPLATE & EXAMPLENot only are we providing you with the exact script template that we use on nearly every project we create—we’re providing you with the actual script we wrote for one of our most famous campaigns, you’ll see how we used the template and how to use it on your campaign. Did we mention we’re not holding anything back?VALUE: $5,74915 MINUTE SCRIPT CONSULTATIONSPECIFIC & TAILORED FEEDBACK ON YOUR SCRIPTWithin 60 days of enrollment and once you’ve completed your script, you’ll book a call with a Harmon Brothers team member to go over your script in detail, get candid and specific feedback, and get answers to your top burning questions—let’s make your script the best it can be.VALUE: $1,250ACCESS TO THE PRIVATE HARMON BROTHERS UNIVERSITY FACEBOOK COMMUNITYJoin like-minded & dedicated entrepreneurs, writers, marketers, small businesses and creatives. Network, share your work, see examples, get feedback, support, and keep up to date on the latest.VALUE: $599FEEDBACK & GUIDANCE FROM DANIEL HARMON & TEAM HBThat’s right—we’re dedicated to helping you succeed. We intentionally keep our class sizes small so that we have time to answer your questions and offer guidance on your journey. In addition to our private Facebook group, Daniel and team will be responding to your messages & emails personally to help guide you through the course.VALUE: $5,000 per hourPLUS – GET THESE FREE BONUSESBONUS: writing retreat how-to lessonAs a companion to our behind-the-scenes writing retreat bonus video, this lesson breaks down our process for ensuring the success of the writing phase & shows you the exact steps we take to plan and conduct one of the most important pieces of our writing process—and how we come out the other side with a finalized script.VALUE: $599 FREEBONUS: VIDEOS OF DANIEL RESPONDING LIVE TO COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONSCulled from 6 exclusive bootcamp sessions conducted earlier this year with entrepreneurs, production companies, writers, and marketers, Daniel responds live to some great questions that you may have had yourself. Daniel’s on-the-fly responses provide valuable insight and help dig deeper into how the principles of Write Ads That Sell apply to any product or service you might be trying to sell.VALUE: $399 FREETOTAL VALUE OF THIS COURSE: $21,223Implementing the formulas and methods this course will teach you could more than pay for the course in just a single day’s worth of ad spend—companies pay into the six figures just for Harmon Brothers consulting. But we’re giving a limited number of students over $18,000 off for a limited time.$21,223JUST $2,999 or make 12 payments of $299.ENROLL NOWNOT SURE IF HARMON BROTHERS’ METHODS WILL WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS?We’re about to share the exact techniques we used to generate these results:Purple Mattress VideoA Startup (at the time) Mattress Company Grew revenue from $0 to over $ 100 million run rate in 14 monthsGenerated over 400 million views (and counting)Successfully marketed a $1,000 hero product online that is taking the entire mattress industry by stormChatbooks Mom VideosA Mobile App For Bringing Photos to Life Campaign paid for itself within 72 hours Increased annual revenue by 250% in less than 3 months Lowered customer CPA by 40%Chatbooks Mom VideosA Toilet Stool For Better Stools Grew annual revenue from $5 million to over $30 million in 18 months Increased online sales by 600%+ Increased retail sales by 400%+ Accumulated over 1.5 million Facebook sharesCamp Chef Grill God VideoA Grill & Smoker Sent From Heaven Increased monthly online sales volume by 50x Catapulted a brand new product into the center of the grill & smoker market Produced results so quickly it required a restructuring of the supply chainTHESE RESULTS ARE NOT DUMB LUCKThey’re the result of a process that has proven time and again to convert like no other type of advertising—in terms of brand recognition, return on ad spend, and overall sales.This class will give you the tools you need to create ads that sell—and it will teach you the exact methods we use to achieve these results on a consistent basis. If you’ve been wondering how you can do the same, this is your chance. Enrollment is only open for a limited time—so don’t wait.ENROLL NOWGET IN BEFORE THE COURSE CLOSES!SOME OF WHAT YOU’LL LEARN(Click to watch)How to surprise viewers with content that is actually goodConsiderations for planning special effects in your videosHow to craft the perfect hook for your conversion videoHow to tell a story that informs, entertains, AND sellsHow to build a convincing character to reinforce the brandWhat are you waiting for? Enrollment ends soon!00Hours00Minutes00SecondsEnroll now!…AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!All that’s just a small sampling of what you’ll learn as you dive deep into the methods that put Harmon Brothers at the forefront of the advertising industry. But don’t wait—only open for 36 hours, the course may be closed by the next time you visit this page.


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