Hassan - 48 Laws of Money
Hassan – 48 Laws of Money
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Hassan – 48 Laws of Money



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I get a lot of DMs from guys who want to know how I make so much money.
So I decided to write an eBook that explains EVERYTHING I know about getting money.

There are 48 different ways to get paid and start making money TODAY.


We all know that school and college are a ruse. Going to college for four years and then working a 9-5 job is not the lifestyle you want.


Because their parents and society have brainwashed them, most don’t know any better. It is no longer conceivable to invest in real estate and wait 50 years to become “wealthy.”


In this eBook, I will dramatically transform your approach to producing money. You’ll transition from a consumer/employee mentality to a producer/CEO mentality.


I always tell individuals that they need to change their mindset towards money. My Rolex watch collection is valued at $200,000! That’s only for watches. You must think differently!


This isn’t a quick read with some generic recommendations. This took me a long time to put together and is packed with useful suggestions.









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