High Ticket Coaching Academy
High Ticket Coaching Academy
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High Ticket Coaching Academy



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Whats Included For High Ticket Coaching Academy Program:




The Program consists of the training videos in the Members Area (these are subject to change and may be updated at any time to keep the Client up to date) and access to recordings of the live Question and Answers.

Support offered for the High Ticket Coaching Academy Program:
Access to live Question and Answers with a selection of the HTCA experts and access to recordings of the live Question and Answers.

The Client may submit coaching help requests via the Members Area and can expect a response within 2-5 working days depending on the nature of the request. The response may be provided by any member of the HTCA team. A Client may not dictate which member of the HTCA team the response is given by.
After 12 weeks of the program commencing the Client will no longer have access to the support for the Program.

HTCA reserve the right to make any changes to what the program consists of that do not affect the nature of the Program.



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