Holly Starks - Head In The Clouds SEO Training Basic and Advanced
Holly Starks – Head In The Clouds SEO Training Basic and Advanced
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Holly Starks – Head In The Clouds SEO Training Basic and Advanced



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Welcome to the Head in The Clouds SEO Training The first thing to do is… I guarantee you that it’ll be the most effective SEO training you’ll experience this year!

Prepare yourself for some early 2000’s SEO that’s so amazing it’ll leave you gazing at the screen in stunned… truly.

What I will demonstrate in this course will help you reach an SEO level that you might think was impossible just in the past 24 hours.

Let’s get to it.



There are two levels to the training and three different courses together, and each of these modules is worth the price Holly charges for all three… … We are striving to provide you with the best value for money throughout the year round when it comes down to SEO!

The Basic Level”Head in the Clouds Linkbuilding Course

At this point, we’ll explain how to create specific niche-specific, UR50+DR80plus, backlinks to PBN to any niche that you wish to cover in the hundreds of thousands.

The links you create will be INSTANTLY prepared to use to build SEO backlinks… in the exact day you create them.

We’ll provide you with a private list of the most popular and most reliable domains, and help you quickly and effectively create hundreds of websites and hyperlinks within hours.

How can you manipulate the performance of these domains, so that you could actually be competitive with websites like Facebook and Youtube, without difficulty.

These PBNs can rank local customers in such a way that they’ll get an earful… they could take over national clients’ entire pages to rank for high-volume keyword phrases… in just a few days.

I’m adamant that if you attend the fundamental course and follow the steps, you’ll be able to create your career by changing the way you work, and client rankings permanent PBN connections for your self and your clients by the hundreds, much faster than you thought was possible ( like days).

Advanced Stage: AI SEO Empire

I’m not going to talk too much about this portion of the course as I’m afraid to share our methods and software prior to the course starts, but I can let you know this…

After you have completed this section in the program, you’ll be able to construct as many high-quality private and exclusive particular PBNs for your niche, or even keywords-specific PBNs for any customer or rank your own PBNs.

I’ll demonstrate how to construct websites in less than a minutes per site… I’m serious about it.

These websites automatically create high metrics within a matter of weeks They instantly appear on Google for a plethora of keywords , and drive a TON of organic traffic that is real-time.

These sites can be used as links to your own or your websites of your clients within 30 to 45 days after the date of creation.

They are SEO-optimized and are interlinked with many pages of top-quality content that is indexed by Google and ranks on Google… extremely quickly.

Try to wrap your brain around the ideas I’m presenting and you’ll be able to create an entire blog network that is stunning, secure, high-powered blogs that cover any topic you’d like to, in dozens perhaps hundreds, at a time simply by pressing a button. in fact.

Then I’ll demonstrate how you can build blogs from nothing more than one key word… That’s right for building an extremely powerful and particular niche PBN which will become an effective and efficient SEO asset that will generate income for future years All you require is one key word.

Input your keywords, press an icon, and boom!

New high-powered PBN.

Rinse, Repeat.

Literally, the most valuable links you can find through SEO in unlimited quantities.

Oh yes… … there is the possibility to also make blogs in less than 200 LANGUAGES… … even if don’t know a word!

I have more than 60 Spanish PBNs in the language driving serious traffic for about 3 weeks. My Spanish is not great I’m not even close, lol.

Consider it… … Do you know the amount of traffic you could generate using the use of 10 Spanish Language PBN domains and the appropriate choice of keywords?

I’ll inform that to… … more than 4k organic users on Google in just one month, using NEW WEBSITES!

Have you ever wondered what damage you could do with 100 highly authoritative specific, niche-specific, completely private and only backlinks?

Do not worry… you’ll absolutely never need to purchase backlinks from a different vendor for your customers or yourself for ever.

You own all your backlinks!

If you’re not yet peeing in your pants over everything… I’ll inform you about this advanced course reward. it should really be it’s own thing, however to satisfy Holly… it’s a treat. will be able to indulge.

Advanced Course Bonus AI Auto CTR

In this bonus course that will be included with our advanced courses, I’ll teach you the most impressive feat you’ve ever seen in the world of SEO.

I will show you how to create extremely effective campaigns to increase your click-through rates… which will rank your customers really quickly!

The CTR campaigns are 100 percent monitored and tracked, and produce daily weekly, monthly, and daily reports that you can send for your customers… Reports that are so that detailed they would cause eye bleeds If they tried to read them all.

The CTR campaigns will be able to communicate with Google’s search console directly. They will locate ALL keywords that are found for your website in google…ALL including if they are thousands of them.

The software will then produce the ideal report for all your keywords as well as their current rankings and their current ctr rate It will also find the optimal click-through rates for each of your keywords and make the campaign. All you need to do is press “run”.

It’s a win… the client is running an amazing CTR campaign on their website , with complete tracking of their reports and results that you can observe immediately from the first day.

Also, these campaigns consult with Google and adjust the CTR of your campaign in real-time… you won’t need to alter any aspect… the system is able to adjust the campaign to your ranking changes in Google!

The most appealing aspect the best part is… it doesn’t require any knowledge. don’t need to be an expert about CTR in order to set the up and make the campaign that will run on a monthly basis for your customers or you… the only thing you need is a Domain address… simply just that simple.

There are no words, no math Just type the domain into the computer and press go… Everything I’ve just described to you takes place immediately, instantly, and forever.

There you have it… … three top SEO courses you can ever find and all in one course.

Ok, all… I am so excited to share this training!

I’m going to create the most effective SEO-related training you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing in your life.

The methods included in this class will become accessible to the public in large quantities in the coming 30 hours… … anyone who can stay ahead of the pack and learn these techniques and tools now will prevail.

These techniques will work for the next five, 10 or the next 20… … since they’re built on real, raw SEO that is effective each and every time.

This is your “if I had the knowledge to accomplish SEO back in the year 2001 I’d become millionaire” moment.

I’ll give you one final commitment… … If you don’t take part on this class then you’ll never be capable of keeping up to the SEO’s who receive the training, never.

After completing this course you will be able to create an extremely high-quality unique, niche-specific PBN link networks for themselves or their customers.

A real-time network and a LOT of it comes via Google.

They will also be able to construct an entire system… … in just one day.

At a fraction of the price you would pay.

Without outsourcing as well as less than 200 bucks per month in recurring charges.

and with around 1 or two minutes of work, ( mostly just copy-pasting keywords and domains into software).

That’s why… … BEST OF LUCK battling this!

Don’t miss it It’s not returning, ever.










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