Isaac Ruble - Unzuck My Agency
Isaac Ruble – Unzuck My Agency
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Isaac Ruble – Unzuck My Agency



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  • You’ve had multiple ad accounts, business managers, or even personal advertising access restricted in the last 12 months
  • Daydreaming about never having to rely on a certain platform again is common
  • ​You understand the risk of your entire business being reliant on a volatile platform that removes vendors without rhyme or reason


“We had around 100 clients the first time it happened…”

My agency was servicing over 100 Clients…
Each client had their own ad account.
Then all the sudden…
I submitted appeals using scripts from “leading experts” in FB compliance…
Took 2 whole weeks before getting this response back…
(I’m paraphrasing of course…)
But the fact is, clients were FLOCKING to kick us to the curb because the lead flow stopped.
Others immediately began disputing payments for honest work we’d already completed…
In retrospect it was almost beautiful to watch a thriving business go down in flames like that…
Sucked that it had to be mine.
We would make new accounts to get their ads live and within 2 days they would get shut down…
Emotions were high when ads would go back up…
Soon met with another expected SLAP from the advertising gods.
More clients leaving.
More refunds, disputes, and cancellations.
It was right before a slow period for our niche so we ended up losing a ton more right after that…
No backups were working…
We even set up fancy remote systems that kept getting banned again and again.
I’d gotten really good at pretending to be happy despite my agency going down the trash…
Especially since this time of the year we’re all at each other families’ houses for the holidays.
But the smile you see plastered across my face circa X-mas day 2019 is real…
Because this marks the first time I discovered the power of YouTube advertising.
Earlier on I was launching ads for an attorney client and it started pumping out leads for cheaper than what i was getting them for on Facebook.
…and unlike Facebook — I could run ads without so many annoying restrictions and without every single word being put under so much scrutiny
It got even better when I was able to triple and quadruple campaign budgets with hardly any increase in cost per lead.
But the cherry on top was the client saying the lead quality was better than Facebook…
I never looked back.
How could I…?!??
In fact, while the rest of the world was going off the deep end in 2020…
Things began to pick up for me.
Since that first successful campaign I’ve since spent over $2M for myself and clients on YouTube.
While Facebook has my name on every ‘Most Wanted’ list…
Google is crowning me a “premier lead gen” brand and giving me insider access to new betas, and deep competitive/industry insights that only a select handful of advertisers ever see.
Don’t believe me?
Here’s the exact email I received on September 14th at 12:42PM
“you and your agency clearly know how to buy media on Google.”
What does that mean for you?
It means you can be confident following along as you’re getting Google-approved strategies that work right now to start generating leads for clients on YouTube.
If you’re curious about how I went from…
Then take a look at some of the campaigns that caught Google’s eye…





Isaac Ruble – Unzuck My Agency

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