iStack Training - Facebook & Ecommerce Mastery Live - Vegas Replay
iStack Training – Facebook & Ecommerce Mastery Live – Vegas Replay
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iStack Training – Facebook & Ecommerce Mastery Live – Vegas Replay



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Staying ahead of digital competition is becoming increasingly challenging. This is especially exasperating for those in the ecommerce industry. With more businesses than ever competing for customers’ attention, staying ahead of the online curve is crucial to brand success and user loyalty.

From understanding Facebook’s complex algorithms, to achieving Google Ads quality scoring, to building a brand using YouTube ads; knowledge is certainly the key to success here. The sheer complexity of staying ahead of the game within the ecommerce industry, and the challenge to select the right technological strategies, is leaving many businesses lagging behind.

But – fear no more! Thanks to organisations like iStack Training, it’s never been easier to access the training and education that you need to succeed within the competitive ecommerce space.

Facebook and Ecommerce Mastery Live

Facebook and Ecommerce Mastery Live - istack training barcelona 2019

Facebook and Ecommerce Mastery Live is a two-day event that promises to deliver unparalleled expert training in the fields of ecommerce and Facebook Ads. The event, organised by iStack Training, takes place in Barcelona on July 10th and 11th. This is the team’s second gathering of experts in the Catalan capital following a sold-out Ecommerce Mastery Live program last year.

From affiliates and solo entrepreneurs, to agencies and ecommerce companies, over 500 ad buyers from all over the world are expected to attend the event. Renowned industry experts will be sharing insider secrets into building an ecommerce empire, covering topics including Facebook Ads campaignsaffiliate marketingecommerce and influencer marketing.

The iStack Training team ensure that learning is just one part of the event. Guests will also enjoy networking sessions where they have the opportunity to meet like-minded experts, potential new clients and even the guest speakers, who will be available to answer questions from attendees wanting to take their ad campaigns to the next level.

What to expect

what to expect - istack training barcelona 2019

This year’s edition of Facebook and Ecommerce Mastery Live will host guest speakers that include some of the top marketing leaders in the world. iStack Training ensures that all speakers meet three main criteria:

  1. They’re certified superstars, building a 7,8 or 9 figure company.
  2. They’re too busy with their passion to be a guru.
  3. They’re willing to share step-by-step, totally actionable content backed by mind-blowing case studies both in their speeches and directly over coffee with attendees too.

The first day of the conference, Facebook Mastery Live, will focus on key Facebook Ads tactics and strategies. Kicking off with sessions from some of the leading Facebook Ads experts, speakers will share training sessions on bidding, budgeting, creatives and scaling to radically improve Facebook Ads campaigns. These game-changing workshops will help those wanting to reach superior results with their Facebook Ads campaigns.

Iconic digital strategist, Ezra Firestone (Founder of Smart Marketer) and Molly Pittman (Founder of Team Traffic) are teaming up to hit the stage for a live hot seat Q&A session. One lucky audience member will get the chance to have Ezra and Molly dissect their business in a live consulting session.

Facebook Ads masters Tim Burd, Founder of AdLeaks, and Chris Erthel, Co-Founder of Meller, are two additional examples of the star-studded lineup in store for attendees.

speakers 1 - istack training barcelona 2019
A selection of some of the industry-leading guest speakers lined up for the Facebook Mastery Live event.

The second day of the event, Ecommerce Mastery Live, is geared towards ecommerce strategies including Google Ads and YouTube Ads, brand building, product sourcing, landing page optimisation and merchant processing. Anyone interested in learning more about Facebook’s algorithms, dropshipping, building a brand or an ecommerce agency will benefit from day two of the conference.

Guest speakers for the Ecommerce Mastery Live event include Ecommerce stars such as Tom Breeze, Youtube Ads specialist and CEO of Viewability, and Jim Banks, Google Ads expert and CEO of Spades Media. A “Mentorship Hour” gives attendees the chance to ask questions directly to all speakers, and gain their expert insights on any burning questions they might have.

speakers 2 - istack training barcelona 2019
The Ecommerce Mastery Live event includes a stellar lineup of guest speakers.

Agencies, startups, plus hundreds of marketers and entrepreneurs are set to attend, thirsty for deeper knowledge about how to take their ad buying to the next level.

Coffee, lunch and drinks are provided on both days to fuel workshops and networking opportunities, including a happy hour during which guests can enjoy a drink whilst getting to know each other. The events have been carefully designed to allow ample opportunity to make contacts and share knowledge with others. This is important for iStack Training, an organisation that puts emphasis on building communities.

About iStack Training

From the founders of STM Forum and Affiliate World Conferences and led by CEO Eric Dyck, iStack Training is an educational community that helps digital marketers and entrepreneurs improve their knowledge, skills and networking. It was born from a desire to help entrepreneurs “stack” their skills and learn how to build campaigns, businesses and empires online.

iStack Training runs events around the world, with past conferences taking place in Berlin, Bangkok and Las Vegas. This July, the team will return to Barcelona for what is tipped to be their biggest two-day event ever. iStack guarantees that speakers at its events are not self-proclaimed “gurus”. Instead, they bring attendees proven experts that are already successful in the field they’re delivering training on and insights into.

The right place, at the right time

Barcelona Promo Ad from iStack Training on Vimeo.

Barcelona is the perfect location for this conference. It’s no coincidence that the iStack team chose our sunny city as the setting for their two-day workshop for entrepreneurs in the digital marketing industry. Barcelona is building quite the reputation in Europe for its prospering startup ecosystem. It’s rapidly attracting digital talent from all over the world that choose this city as the base for their entrepreneurial activities.

Barcelona’s compelling history, rich culture, stunning architecture and good weather also make it one of the most popular settings for world-leading events such as MWC, 4YFN and the recent Startup Grind conference. Therefore it was a no-brainer that this would make the perfect location for Facebook and Ecommerce Mastery Live.

How to get involved

get involved - istack training barcelona 2019

Whether you’re just starting out in the ecommerce industry or you’re a seasoned veteran, the Facebook and Ecommerce Mastery Live conference won’t disappoint.

This year Barcelona will be home to iStack Training’s biggest two-day event ever, with an incredible lineup of guest speakers and the opportunity to network with experts from all over the world. What more could you ask for?

Book your ticket now by visiting their website and get 25% off your two-day pass with the Discount Code: barcinno25, exclusively for Barcinno readers.

With the right knowledge, inspiration and a community of like-minded and highly successful experts behind you, you’ll gain the tools to succeed in the ecommerce industry for many years to come.


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