Ivan Mana – Conversion Tracking Mastery
Ivan Mana – Conversion Tracking Mastery
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Ivan Mana – Conversion Tracking Mastery



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Hello, my name is Ivan and I’ve earned an income of six figures at home, advertising on a range of ad networks. These include Microsoft Ads, Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

The real story is that I would not have done this without proper tracking!

If you’re just beginning with the world of online marketing, then you might consider tracking to be an option or a boring topic to discuss. HOWEVER tracking is a must. tracking is essential for the success of your online marketing.

You can’t enhance your funnel or website in the event that you don’t know the current state of your customers

In this conversion tracking class you will learn how to configure and be able to comprehendconversion tracker (Using ClickMagick as the tracking tool)!

It will also teach you the different terms associated with tracking that are used in tracking, including tracking links and posting URLs for tracking, tracker pixels click IDs, Sub IDs PPC Sub-ID tokens from the network and more…

Master tracking and you’ll be well on the way to earning money online.



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