Jack Duncan – Short Report Secrets
Jack Duncan – Short Report Secrets
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Jack Duncan – Short Report Secrets



Download Now Jack Duncan – Short Report Secrets. Get Short Report Secrets By Jack Duncan For a Cheap Price.

Stop working so hard trying to create your next product….

OVERWORKED & UNDERPAID ( and what to do about it)

How one ,an turned tiny, 7-15 page short reports and a few spare hours into a 6-Figure business he now runs from anyplace on Earth… (and how you can too…)

Do you know how easy it is to make money online selling tiny, little short reports of less than 16 pages in length?

No…I’m not talking about writing a big book to sell in bookstores!

And I’m absolutely not talking about publishing big 250-300 page printed books and selling them through Amazon.com or the mail.

In fact, I’m not even talking about creating a full size information product…or even a 75-100 page digital ebook.

7-15 pages.

That’s it!

Most people can “crank” these tiny reports out in less than 3 hours, from just about anywhere.

I’ll even show you where to find the hottest markets for your short reports.

But let me give you a quick tip…

You can write these little reports on just about any topic that interests you.

Interesting topics like…

Home Canning
Dog Shows
Stand Up Comedy
Living With Diabetes
Overcoming Worry
Restoring Hardwood Floors
Carribean Travel
Playing Bridge
Small Business Accounting
Retirement Living
Baseball Card Collecting
Fly Tying
Speeding Up Computers
How To Wax A Truck
Metal Detecting
Homeopathic Gout Remedies
Personal Finance
DIY Home Projects
Personal Finance
Forex Investing
Reading Body Language
Writing Fiction Novels
Small Engine Repair
Old Time Radio
Flash Programming
Six Sigma
Small Business Marketing
Closet Organizing
Raising Chickens
Playing Guitar
Learning Spanish
Algebra Math Skills
Stringing A Violin
WordPress Blog Setup
NCLEX Exam Help
Personal Nutrition
And on, and on, and on…

Most professional writers and authors are working way too hard trying to make a full time income writing books…

Book Authors are working far too much! Trying to get a publisher interested in their book can be a nightmare and take forever…and rejections are hard to take. Traditional self-publishing costs an arm-and-a-leg and takes far too much time to get setup. Even when authors do hit a home run and get a their book into circulation, most never really see “real” money for their effort.
Ebook Publishers are working far too much! Fact: Most people that sit down to START an ebook never actually FINISH it! Let’s face it…writing 200-300 pages (or even more) just isn’t that easy. To fill that many pages with even decent content takes hundreds of hours of research, writing, typing, proofreading, re-writing, etc. Many have spent months working on these bigger ebooks only to have an unpublished, half-finished document to show for it!
Infoproduct Marketers are working far too much! If you haven’t noticed lately, there have been quite a few “product launches” of physical information products (DVD sets, manuals, printed books, audio CD’s, etc.) with high price tags. It takes a long time and a sizeable investment to write, format, publish, and package a large infoproduct to be sold for a premium price.

The truth is, once you understand how to put the simple pieces together, you can do this from anyplace on earth.

You just need a) a computer and b) an internet connection.

And if you don’t have either of those, you could probably get started with nothing more than a simple USB thumb drive, a local internet cafe, and some pocket change.

It’s easy. It’s consistent. It’s proven.
Let me give you 7 reasons why these little “short reports” make a great business…

Simple To Get Started: Creating a short reports business is very easy to begin. You don’t have to spend hundreds of hours researching a topic or write 100’s of pages of content. You simply need to be able to write 7-15 pages to get started today.
Flexible Work: You get to work from anyplace on earth. Literally. These short reports have been written in hotel rooms, RV’s, airplanes, and home offices. All you’ll need is access to a computer and an internet connection to get started right now.
High Profit Margins: Since you will be selling a digital .pdf file, there’s no need for costly printing, setup, or minimum print runs. Worldwide customers can download your short reports instantly 24/7, and the cost to you is just pennies.
Earnings Potential: There really isn’t a limit to how much money can be made in this unique infoproduct business. With the 6-Phase Scaling System taught in the book, you can gradually turn these short reports into larger products over time to scale your business as you desire. Your earnings potential truly is 100% in your control with this model. Work as little or as much as you like and see profits from each short report for years to come!
Quick Profit Turnaround: Using the System in this book, you can literally sit down and create these short reports in less than 1 day. Without even “breaking a sweat”, you can start seeing your first sales within a week!
Worldwide Ordering 24/7: The internet has completely revolutionized the payment processing industry. I’ll show you how easy it is to start taking orders by next weekend from countries all over the world. I’ll even tell you the exact scripts and companies I work with to make the ordering process even easier. You can sell your short reports 24/7/365 in nearly every country that has internet access!
No Experience Needed: You don’t need to be a “good writer” to start a short reports business. If you are, that’s fine. But the only requirement to get started is the ability to follow simple, step-by-step instructions that are crystal clear…and the ability to write 7-15 short pages of content (and I’ll even show you a simple writing system that makes this step very easy too!)

Look and see if you can find anything missing…

If you think this is just another course with “parts and pieces” of something much more complicated…THINK AGAIN. We’ve jammed packed everything you need to know to get started into this 102 page manual.

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll find inside…

How To Select A Lucrative Market: One controversial topic we cover is the importance of choosing a BIG market, and not falling for the “myth of the small niche”. (Don’t worry, it makes perfect sense when you read why on Page 9) I’ll even give you a list of 20 hot, evergreen markets to get started in…and 3 Simple Rules for “judge” any other market you might be interested in…
How To Discover The Most Profitable Writing Ideas: In this chapter, I’ll show you 7 great places to find out exactly what ideas people are willing to PAY FOR…and I’ll give you the 2 Most Importand Idea Criteria that you must pass FIRST before writing a single word. And I’ve jammed packed this section with idea generators and brain boosters to help you filter out the most profitable ideas in any market!…
How To Use The Powerful P.A.G.E.S. Writing System: This brilliant little writing system will take those ideas, and tell you exactly HOW to write them down quickly. Even if you’re an experienced writer, you’ll be amazed at the writing tips, brainstorm tricks, and organizing methods that you find to help you finish these 7-15 page reports in record time. (Less than 3 hours!) Even if you’re someone who has never written a short report…this simple system will get you writing and finished in the shortest time possible. I’ll even give you my 4 content templates that you can use anytime you feel “stuck”. Priceless…
How To Position, Price, and Package Short Reports: Starting on page 32, I’ll talk about all the formatting issues (Header, Footer, Pages, Margins…everything) that you’ll need to pay attention to in order to make your short reports professional looking. Then, we’ll go over how to price your reports for higher conversions. (In fact, there are 3 pricing principles you’ll find there that nobody else ever mentions…) Finally, we’ll get into “positioning” your short reports so that they stand out and command a premium price to a very specific audience…
How To Create A Short Report Salesletter: Honestly, this chapter is worth the entire price of the product by itself. You’ll see actual examples and screenshots for 11 items that you need to include in your salesletter. You’ll walk through the entire process of creating a mini-salesletter, quickly, so you can begin taking orders from a high converting page. Everthing from the PreHead to the Final Order links is convered in detail…just follow along with the 11 points and your first salesletter is setup and ready to persuade visitors into becoming buyers…
How To Get Your Short Reports On A Website: This is definitely a section we could have simply chosen to leave out…and leave you “scratching your head”, trying to figure out how to get your website setup. But we didn’t. You’ll see exactly how to setup you first domain, website, thank you page, etc. We’ll even tell you exactly which software is easy and reliable to use when you need to get started fast…AND on the tiniest budget.
How To Use The 6-Phase, 6-Figure System: This section is a real eye opener. And by the time you get to this, you’ll be blown away at how easy it really is to take these 7-15 page short reports, and turn them into a massive, 6-Figure business. All 6 Phase System steps are covered in detailed, and when you finish this section, you’ll have a crystal clear battle plan for what you need to do to get everything setup and running. This may be the most valuable section of the entire course…because we take everything you’ve learned and apply LEVERAGE to boost your profits exponentially!



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