Jack Hopman – Google Ads Certification Academy
Jack Hopman – Google Ads Certification Academy
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Jack Hopman – Google Ads Certification Academy



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Greetings, Local Marketers!
Set aside your doubts and learn why I feel we have discovered the ONE service that you have been looking for!
A service which…


#1: Every company desires and requires…


#2: It’s simple to sell because it produces real results and has a high return on investment.


#3: Generates recurring revenue for both your client and yourself!


Perhaps you guessed…

I’m referring to Google AdWords!


What Makes Google AdWords So Effective?

It’s simply the most efficient technique for any company to catch the attention of potential clients who are actively looking for their products or services!


If you’ve been looking for a more efficient approach to schedule meetings with local business owners, you’ll appreciate the solutions we’ve developed for you.

You Will Never Have To Be Concerned About Finding

New Customers Who Need Your Services

While You’re Watching… Local Business Owners are Interested in Learning More

This is the answer! This is because


#1: They are unable to attract new clients.


#2: They are failing to maintain relationships with their current customers.


#3: They are losing ground to their competitors.


#4: They understand that now, more than ever, they require an internet presence.


Local entrepreneurs are also aware that they require assistance.

because they don’t have time or don’t know how to:


#1: They should make their own webpage.


#2: Improve their search engine optimization.


#3: Verify that their website is actually mobile-friendly.


#4: Keep track of their citations.


#5: Monitor and control their public image.


#6: Update their Google+, Facebook, and Twitter profiles, as well as…


#7: Manage their Google AdWords account


Why Do Companies Require Google AdWords?


#1: As soon as you activate your Google AdWords campaign, you will see results.


#2: There are far more potential customers looking for their service than they can handle.


#3: Google receives millions of queries per day.


#4: Google Adwords is more efficient and effective than SEO.


#5: When selling SEO services, no one knows how long it will take or what the results will be, including you.


Why waste time and effort attempting to offer SEO services when you can get better results and earn more money faster by using Google AdWords? Google AdWords consistently produces immediate results.

Google AdWords is the best long-term service available.


#1: Google had a 75.2 percent share of the US search market in July 2015.


#2: Google’s key business is AdWords. AdWords revenue accounted for 68 percent of Google’s revenue in 2014.


#3: Google AdWords isn’t going away anytime soon.


#4: AdWords Can Be Scaled You can boost your PPC expenditure and see an increase in leads. AdWords is therefore extremely beneficial for organizations that require a large number of leads.


#5: It’s Easier to Use AdWords Than SEO. When a campaign is set up and running, delivering leads is considerably easier than with SEO efforts.


#6: AdWords Is Taking Over the Search Engine Results Pages. The SERP has evolved over time, giving advertising increasingly more above-the-fold real estate than organic results.





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