Jaka Smid – The Ultimate SEO Checklist
Jaka Smid – The Ultimate SEO Checklist
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Jaka Smid – The Ultimate SEO Checklist



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Advertising on Facebook is so 2020.
Let’s talk about the unpredictability (increasing cost) of Facebook advertising for a bit before we dive into more detail.

Almost every day, I hear horror stories about Facebook accounts that have been suspended. Not to add the 33 percent of iOS 14+ conversions that are untraceable.


In 2022, Facebook should no longer be your key source of new customers. At least not one that huge. It’s too dangerous to put all your eggs in one basket on Facebook, where trends are so unpredictable.


So, what is the solution?

Search Engine Optimization is the most potent and least expensive acquisition channel option (SEO).


What inspired me to create the SEO Checklist?

When two of my satisfied customers approached me and said they would want a brief, step-by-step, straight-to-the-point SEO checklist as well, I got the idea for an SEO checklist.


It seemed intriguing, to say the least.


I was in charge of the SEO department while I ran my (multi-million dollar) firm ProteusThemes. And, wow, was I good at what I did.


Year following year, free organic traffic accounted for more than half of all earnings.


That’s true, Google is providing you with free traffic.


The company was sold two years ago, and the new owners neglected SEO, so the statistics have since dropped, but that isn’t the point.


The point is that, despite my extensive knowledge of SEO and practical experience, I didn’t want to construct an SEO checklist on my own. I didn’t just want to produce a solid SEO checklist; I wanted to create THE BEST.


So I contacted my best SEO performance specialist and offered him $14.000 to assist me in creating an SEO checklist…

And his response was a resounding NO!


I was taken aback.


He stated that he preferred a 50-50 revenue split or nothing.


I thanked him for his offer and politely rejected. I wanted to be the sole owner of my company.


However, the prospect of having the insights, SEO knowledge, and checklist to go with it kept me awake at night.


After ten days, I realized that the revenue share he offered might not be such a horrible idea after all. After all, none of the top specialists would give up their time for money; I certainly wouldn’t.


So, after those ten days, I accepted his offer and began working long hours.


In four (short) weeks, our SEO checklist was ready for beta testing with some of our existing customers. It was a perfect 9/10. We enlisted the help of the last person who offered constructive criticism, and together we polished the checklist to perfection.


And now the Ultimate SEO Checklist is now available for download!

Over 100+ important SEO checkpoints are included in the checklist, which cover every nook and cranny of successful SEO marketing methods to help your website rank higher in Google.


Each of the 100 checkpoints consists of:


Has a comprehensive “How to” article that walks you through the entire process.

Is assessed in terms of cost and impact.

It includes a determined priority value so you can see which ones should be addressed first.




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